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FIC: Teach Me (Lily Luna/Pansy, NC-17)

Title: Teach Me
Author: lash_larue
Prompt: #F2 by kittyaugust
Pairing(s): Lily Luna Potter/Pansy Parkinson
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,970
Content/Warnings: Explicit sex, oral, anal play, fingering
Summary: Lily took the job to learn, Pansy learned the joy of teaching.
Author's Note: You did say a "very Gryffindor seduction". I hope this suits, Kittyaugust. I figure Lily for around 20 in this, that puts Pansy in her mid/late 40's as far as I can tell.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling and associates. No copyright infringement intended.

Teach Me

"Harry, would you talk some sense into your daughter?" Ginny asked when Harry emerged from the fireplace.

"Lily has loads of sense, Ginny; what seems to be the problem?"

"She's gone and gotten an internship at the Daily Prophet."

"Well, she's interested in journalism, and those internships are highly sought after and difficult to land. Well done, Lily!"

"Thanks dad, I'm glad one of you is happy for me. They had over a hundred applicants for just two internships, and I got the best one. I'll be working directly with the Editor-in-Chief," Lily said.

"Who just happens to be Pansy Parkinson, the bitch who wanted to give your father to Voldemort!"

"That was a long time ago, mum. Everybody was terrified; besides, people change," Lily said.

"People, maybe, but not her."

"Ginny, really, it's time to leave that stuff behind. And Pansy really has changed, she is a great supporter of the department. Many is the time she's sat on a story at our request so as not to queer an investigation. We've never had such good relations with the press," Harry told her.

"Fine. On your head be it, Harry. Lily, I really am proud of you, it's just that-- Parkinson." Ginny headed for the kitchen muttering under her breath.

"She'll come around," Harry said, "but you might give it some time before you invite the boss here for dinner."

"Some chances are too big to take, dad. Besides, I don't want to bring work home with me."

"A noble goal. Good luck with that."

"I'll see if I can help mum in the kitchen, might as well start mending that fence," Lily said.

"Good luck with that too."

"Yeah. I'm glad I have my own place now. Mum might just ground me, otherwise."


"Congratulations Potter, and welcome to the Prophet," Pansy greeted Lily.

"Thank you, Ms. Parkinson, I'm very excited to be working under you and learning from you."

Pansy stared at Lily for a moment, but saw no hint of anything but sincerity.

"Gryffindors. Literal-minded, all of them, but she's damn hot," Pansy thought as she regarded the younger woman.

"Sorry mum, but Pansy Parkinson looks like a nummy treat to me," Lily decided, and she unleashed her very best smile.

"You look a lot like your mother, Potter, but you've got your dad's eyes."

"Is that a problem? I know you and my parents weren't what you'd call friends back at Hogwarts," Lily asked.

"That was a long time ago. I get along fine with your dad now. In fact we've kind of worked together on a couple things. I hardly ever see your mum, and that's likely a good thing. I expect that her bat-bogey hex is nearly fatal by now."

"Pretty close, yes. Uncle George got on his knees and begged her never to do it to him again. 'Just don't give me a reason to,' was the best he could get, though," Lily answered with a smile.

"I'll keep that in mind. Now to business. Obviously your scores and your essay were outstanding, or you wouldn't be here. You've got 'who, what, when, where, why' down pat. Time for 'how', as in how to get the story, how to write the story, and most importantly how to verify the story. It's bad to get scooped on a big story, but it's worse to get it wrong. Right?"

"Can't you just print a retraction?" asked Lily.

"We can, and we do when it happens, but sometimes you can't undo the damage. Occasionally, people's lives might be put at risk if we get it wrong. Reputations can be stained forever, livelihoods ruined, all because somebody got lazy or careless. This paper has an obligation; to our readers, and to the truth, and I take that very seriously indeed, Potter."

"I understand, Ms. Parkinson, and I certainly agree. Dad said you've been a great help to his department; he really appreciates it."

"Yeah, well maybe I owed him a little, but he's a good Head of Law Enforcement. He cares about getting it right, too. If something goes wrong in that department we'll report on it responsibly, just like anything else, but we won't do anything to make things difficult for them if we can help it. Besides, we get the inside track on a lot of things by being helpful." Pansy grinned and pointed to the house shield on the wall behind her desk. "I am a Slytherin, you know."

"I promise not to hold that against you, boss," Lily responded.

"Do you have any Muggle clothes, Potter? I mean some good business dress things, not jeans and tshirts."

"Not really. I didn't know I'd need them," Lily answered.

"Sometimes getting the facts obliges us to interact with Muggles, either in their Ministry or in business, and we have to be able to blend in. Sometimes clothes make the woman, too. Further, even in our world some people won't take a woman seriously regardless of her appearance, but it pays to look like a professional, and a properly fitted suit helps. Robes are just so--"

"Choral?" Lily suggested.

"Sometimes, yes, and well put."

Pansy got a card from her desk and gave it to Lily. "This is the place I use. The proprietor is Muggleborn; she knows current fashion in that world, and does the fitting by magic, so you don't have to wait. Not cheap, but top notch quality. Tell her I sent you and she'll give you a break."

"Thank you, I'll go Saturday morning. Any suggestions as to what I should get?" Lily asked.

"Just leave that to Rachel, she knows how to mix and match so you end up with more outfits than you'd think. Okay, time for some work. That's your desk over there, and there's a story on it that needs proofreading. Fletcher is a good reporter, but his grammar kind of sucks."

"I'm on it, boss," Lily said.

"Boss is fine with just the two of us, but stick with Ms. Parkinson if anyone else is around. Especially if we're out working a story or doing an interview. I need to go discuss the next print run with the ink-slingers. Good luck with the story, Potter."

Lily watched the sway of Pansy's hips as she left the room.

"It's going to be a long, hot summer," she said softly. Then she got to work.

Pansy wasn't gone very long, but the story was fairly short and Lily was done by the time she got back.

"Here's the corrected copy, and the original with the problems highlighted, Ms. Parkinson."

"That was fast. Would you mind making us some tea while I go over it? The stuff's on that table in the corner."

"I'd be glad to," Lily answered. She watched Pansy out of the corner of her eye as she made the tea, trying to gauge her reaction to the work she had done. Pansy's face remained neutral. "How do you take your tea?" Lily asked when it was done.

"One spoon of sugar and a lemon wedge on the side, please. This is good work, Potter. Your copy is ready for publication. I didn't expect that," Pansy told her.

"I'm glad it pleases you, boss. Here's your tea."

"How did you know that I do not like contractions in a final copy?" Pansy asked her.

"I read your editorials. You never use them in your own writing. It's one thing to use them in a friendly letter or in conversation, but I think they can be a distraction in a formal, written piece. Words have power, and should be used precisely."

"I agree," Pansy said.

Pansy stared at Lily, considering. She pulled a folder out of her desk drawer and held it out to Lily.

"This is my editorial for Sunday's paper. Have a go at it, would you?"

Masking her nervousness, Lily took the folder and said, "Of course." She turned towards her desk, but Pansy's voice stopped her.

"Why don't you sit with me and finish your tea first? I'd like to hear your thoughts on a few upcoming features..."

"You have some solid ideas, Potter. I'm glad to see that I was right when I picked you for this. Mind, I wasn't sure your mum would let you take the position. It's easy to see that she still hates me."

"She'll get over it. Maybe. Weasleys are a bit on the stubborn side, you see. One might almost say pig-headed."

"I seem to recall that, yes. But she has balls, I have to admit it. I never once saw her flinch during those terrible times at school. And, Merlin, could she ever fly! I think she was even better than your dad, not that I ever told her that. I was always jealous of her hair, too." Pansy seemed far away for a moment, then, "Right, enough reminiscing, have a go at that piece for me."

It took longer than editing the article she had done earlier. It was longer, and not simply a matter of looking for grammar errors, not that there were any. This piece was in support of legislation for fair treatment of LGBT persons, and Lily was impressed by it. She gave it careful attention.

The office was quiet except for the occasional scratch of a quill or Pansy calling for a copy runner.

Lily finished, picked up the parchment, and stood by Pansy's desk, waiting for her to look up.

"You done?" Pansy asked.

"Yes ma'am."


"It's excellent, although I do think it would be stronger if you shifted the order of your first and last arguments. I think it would better to finish with the strongest argument, and I believe that for most people that would be the one you put first. Here is a copy of that section with my suggested change," Lily said, trying to appear confident.

Pansy took it without comment. Lily shifted her feet nervously.

"I will be damned," Pansy muttered softly, then she looked up at Lily and smiled. "You're absolutely right, Potter. Maybe I'll learn a few things from you as well. Be sure and see Rachel this Saturday, I'm going to take you with me on an interview next week. You're sharp. Also, you're very attractive, and this guy might be distracted enough to slip up a little if you're there," Pansy told her.

"Is that ethical, Ms. Parkinson? It sounds a little, well, sleazy," Lily said cautiously.

"Not nearly as sleazy as this guy is, but I hear you. No, I don't want you to flirt or let him look down your blouse or up your skirt, or anything at all like that. Dress professionally, and act that way, always. This guy has defrauded the health care system for a fortune over the years, and he suspects that I'm on to him. You aren't bait, but maybe you can be the hook. This is one of the things your dad and I are kind of working on together."



Saturday found Lily at Pansy's tailor shop right as it opened for business.

"Ms. Potter, I presume?" the proprietor greeted her.

"Yes ma'am, Ms. Parkinson sent me," Lily replied.

"Yes, Pansy contacted me and explained what was needed. I have some things ready for you. Pansy had some suggestions as to colors and fabrics for you. This way, please." Lily followed her into the rear of the shop. "The changing room is just there, I've hung an outfit for you to try on. Pansy is good at estimating sizes, so it should do for a start. I think you'll like it. I'm Rachel, by the way."

"Lily, and thanks."

Lily entered the changing room, and saw a beautiful emerald suit hanging by a silver silk blouse. Her eyebrows raised a bit. "Well, she did admit to being Slytherin, but that thing is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it won't burn too much."

She hung up her robes and slipped the blouse on, relishing the feel of the silk against her skin, and soon had the suit on as well. It was a touch tight across her bust, but otherwise a good fit.

"Not bad at all," Lily said, "I hope I can afford the thing."

She exited the changing room.

"Pansy has excellent taste," Rachel said as she walked around Lily, constantly flicking her wand. "Raise your arms, please. A bit higher... bend forward... now sit...cross your legs...and stand please. I'll take the jacket... arms up, that's it, and... done! You look marvelous, if I do say so myself! Have a look."

Rachel muttered a spell, and Lily had a slowly changing view of herself from every angle. She put on the jacket and looked again.

"It's beautiful! I've never had anything like it, only... this has to be very expensive," she said carefully.

"That has been taken care of. Pansy explained that this was business attire, and that I was to bill the Prophet directly."

"Really? Is that usual?"

"It's uncommon, but not unheard-of. Pansy understands that not everyone can afford bespoke clothing, and as she has high standards for her top people she feels that the paper should foot the bill on occasion," Rachel explained.

Lily was still working on the "top people" comment when Rachel began tugging at the jacket.

"You know, Lily, if Pansy hadn't specified that this was to be a business suit, well, when I saw you... oh, never mind."

"No, please go on," Lily said.

"Well, I would have thought that she was outfitting you to accompany her to a ball, or something. You're a very beautiful woman, Lily, after all."

"What? Oh! So Ms. Parkinson is--"

"Please don't say anything to her! She's my best customer, and she gives me a discount on advertising! I shouldn't have said anything, it just slipped out because I know she'd fancy you. But of course she would never do anything inappropriate with an employee! She has strict rules about that, and sticks to them."

Rachel was turning a little purple.

"I understand, Rachel, and mum's the word. 'Ha! Mum doesn't need to hear about this.' But thank you, I'll just take it as a compliment. So then, what's next for my professional attire?"

Lily wound up with another skirt and two more blouses, courtesy of the Prophet.

"Thank you so much, Rachel, I've never had any clothes half so nice as these," Lily said.

"You're most welcome, Lily. You make a marvelous mannequin, perhaps you'd be interested in modeling at my show next month? You'd get to keep the clothes."

"If it fits my work schedule, I'd love to! Now then, I wonder if we might collaborate on a bit more-- casual -- outfit? Just for fun."

Rachel was grinning from ear to ear when Lily left with her packages.


Lily decided right away that Pansy was right about Frederick Pendergast. The man was a sleaze. He gave Lily a look that made her want to shower, and then turned to answer Pansy's question.

"Certainly this office has never submitted fraudulent claims, Ms. Parkinson. I don't know where you got your information, but you have been misled," Pendergast told her.

"So your clinic has actually performed all of these procedures? Impressive. You've submitted thirty percent more claims than even the largest hospitals," Pansy replied.

"My staff are very dedicated, and have the highest qualifications. They are very efficient."

"I see. Then you wouldn't mind opening your records, just so that I can lay these scurrilous rumors to rest, you understand," Pansy said.

Neither Pansy nor Lily missed the narrowing of his eyes and the waves of hostility pouring from him, but he answered in a neutral tone.

"Certainly not. I anticipated this, and had my girl make complete copies for you." He spread his arms wide, "nothing to hide here." He rang a bell on his desk, and the door soon opened.

His "girl" was a very attractive woman who looked to be in her early thirties, and was dressed like a streetwalker. Pendergast didn't actually lick his lips, but he nonetheless gave the impression of doing so. He also spent a moment looking back and forth between Lily and his employee before taking the large folder and flicking his hand in dismissal.

Lily stood and intercepted the woman on her way out.

"Pardon me, but can you direct me to the ladies room?" she asked, and received a terse nod in reply. "I'll just be a moment, Ms. Parkinson, please excuse me, sir."

She exited with the woman, who began giving her directions to the loo.

"I don't really need it," Lily explained, "I just needed to get out of there, you know?"

The woman snorted.

"Believe me, you're well out of there," she said. "Expect a job offer with generous pay and benefits. I'd decline it if I were you. Merlin knows I wish I had."

"You don't have to put up with him, you know," Lily said.

"I've got two kids. I need the job. But considering how he looked at you, I guess he's already shopping for a replacement anyway."

"There are other jobs. You know he's crooked, don't you?" Lily pressed.

"Of course he is. I can prove it, but I don't dare to. I'm scared of him."

"We can protect you, and you'd be doing the world a favor."

"Protect me? How? You? You seem smart, but I'm not sure I believe you can handle Pendergast."

"My dad can. Promise," Lily said with a smile.

"Really, and just who is your dad, then?"

"Harry James Potter."

"The Harry Potter? The head of Magical Law Enforcement?"

"One and the same. He's already after this guy, and you could help finish him off. How about it?"

"How do I know you're telling the truth? Anybody can say they're Potter's kid."

Lily produced a mirror from her pocket.

"Dad?" she said, and in a moment a very familiar face appeared in the mirror.

"Are you okay, Lily? Pansy told me you were going to interview Pendergast today."

"We're fine, dad, and this woman can give you all the proof you need to wrap this up. Here, talk to him," Lily said as she handed the mirror over.

"Mr. Potter? It's really you?"

"Yes it is, and can you really provide proof of fraud there? You have first-hand knowledge of this and will testify if called?" Harry asked.

"Yes, if you promise to protect me. I know where all his private records are. I just haven't had the nerve to do anything about it until now. This is some kid you've got, Mr. Potter."

"Thanks. Leave. Now. Take that mirror with you and go to a public place. I'll come to you myself. Let me talk to Lily for a moment." Lily accepted the mirror.

"Good work, Lily. Now get Pansy and both of you get out too. My people will be there soon and you should be gone."

"Right, dad. Here, go," she said as she returned the mirror. "You can trust dad, promise."

"Thank you." The woman hurried away.

Lily rapped once on the door, and stuck her head in.

"Ms. Parkinson, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I've just got an urgent message from the office. Something about problems with the printer's guild."

Pansy doubted that, but she was through anyway.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Pendergast. I'm relieved to know these rumors are unfounded."

"My pleasure. I do hope to see you again," he said, but he was staring at Lily when he said it.

"We'll see ourselves out, I know you're a busy man," Pansy said as she stood.

"Of course, and my sympathies. Inconvenient things, labor guilds."

"Okay Lily, what's up?" Pansy asked softly as they hurried down the hallway.

"We've got his ass. His 'girl' has had enough, and she's got proof. We need to get out of here before Magical Law Enforcement arrive."

"Right. The suit looks great on you, by the way."

They hurried out of the building, and Lily recognized several people as they arrived.

"He's done for, boss, those are my dad's best agents," Lily said with a grin.

"Thanks to you, Potter. Come on, it's a bit early, but this calls for a celebration, I think."

Pansy Apparated them away, and they were soon seated in a booth in a very exclusive restaurant. It was obvious from the way Pansy was greeted that she was a regular here.

"Is champagne okay?" Pansy asked. "You can have whatever you like, it just seems fitting."

"That sounds lovely, Ms. Parkinson. And thank you so much for the clothes."

"A sound investment. Already paid off big. This will be the headline story once Harry says it's okay to publish it. We surely don't want that bastard to get off on some procedural bullshit. He stole from every citizen in the country."

The champagne arrived, and the sommelier served them and left.

"Here's to scumbags getting what's coming to them," Pansy said, and they touched glasses. "A good day's work," she sighed.

"May I ask you something, boss?"

"Sure. Ask away."

"Why the Slytherin color scheme for my outfit?"

"Because the green brings out your eyes, and the silver goes well with your hair and your complexion. And anyway, after today I'm surprised you weren't sorted into Slytherin."

"It was close," Lily confessed, "my little brother Al is a Slytherin."

"I knew you had a little Slytherin in you," Pansy said.

"Not yet, but I'm working on it," thought Lily.

"This champagne would be great with chocolate cake," Lily said.

"You're right, it would. Shall I order us some? They do it pretty well here."

"Not as good as my grandmother, and I've got a fresh one at home. Made last night," Lily told her.

"A real Molly Weasley chocolate cake?"


"Draco won one from Ron on a bet once. He ate the whole thing himself, said it was better than sex," Pansy said.

"Only one way to find out. Grab the bottle, boss, I've got glasses at home."

Pansy called their server over and settled the check.

"You're driving, Potter," Pansy said as she took Lily's arm in hers.

"Yes I am," Lily said, and she Apparated them to her flat. She hung Pansy's jacket on a tree by the door.

"Have a seat," Lily said, indicating the couch, "I'll fetch the glasses."

Pansy sat, and put the bottle on the table in front of the couch. Lily was back in an instant with the glasses.

"Where's the cake?" Pansy asked.

"Molly Weasley's Better-Than-Sex cake requires a proper presentation. Have some champagne and relax. Some things are worth waiting for."

"If you say so. I just hope I'm not disappointed."

Lily hurried away, but she didn't go straight to the kitchen. She stopped by her bedroom first. Then she got the cake and returned to the living room.

"Close your eyes, boss. I want you to get the full effect."

"This had better be good, Potter," said Pansy, and she set her glass down, settled back on the couch, and closed her eyes. "Right, they're closed."

Lily rounded the couch, levitated the table out of the way, and then stepped right in front of Pansy.

"You can open your eyes now."

Pansy opened her eyes, and they grew round as saucers.

Lily was wearing a very short pleated skirt in Slytherin green with a matching halter top and a silver tie looped loosely around her neck. She had also freed her hair, and it fell well down her back in a river of red silk.

"I know it's not a real Slytherin outfit, but Rachel thought you'd like it."

Pansy's eyes were drawn to Lily's bare feet, and from there upwards, sweeping up the seemingly endless legs to the hem of the skirt, where she thought she could just catch a glimpse of--

"Do you like it?" Lily asked softly.

Pansy couldn't find her voice, but she nodded.

"I'm so glad. Are you ready for some cake now?"

Pansy shook her head slowly.

"Maybe later, then," Lily said, and she turned around and bent to put the cake on the table. Pansy was able to confirm her earlier thoughts, especially when the skirt flared as Lily spun back around to face her. "I'm up here," Lily told her, and Pansy looked up to see Lily trailing the fingers of one hand slowly down her chest, pushing aside the halter just a bit. "The top is a little loose, I know, but we thought it would be more comfortable that way. I have to be careful, though. If I bend over like this I tend to fall out of i-- oops! Would you give me a hand with that, please?"

Pansy reached for Lily's breast in a sort of daze, but managed to stop short of touching it.

"Potter, I-- you know I can't have sex with a subordinate, it isn't ethical." Pansy tried futilely to moisten lips gone very dry.

"Oh, you don't want to be thinking that I'm a subordinate," Lily said hoarsely, and she neatly flipped the loop of her tie over Pansy's head. Lily bent down until her face was level with Pansy's, and slowly drew the tie snugly around her neck. "Last chance, Pansy," she whispered, her lips against Pansy's ear. "If you get off that couch, you're mine. This is my idea. My house, my party, my fault, and this is our business and no one else's."

Pansy shivered when Lily touched Pansy's ear with the tip of her tongue.

Lily stood back up, and took a slow step backward, pulling the slack out of the tie.

Pansy was breathing heavily, as was Lily, and when Lily gently tugged, Pansy followed her into the bedroom. Lily pulled Pansy to her, and the kiss was demanding, insistent.

"I want it all, Pansy," Lily said as her fingers worked on Pansy's buttons. "Everything you've ever done with a woman, now, tonight. All of it." Pansy's blouse hit the floor, followed by her bra. The skirt joined them right after. "Show me," Lily said as she cupped Pansy's breasts and pushed her backwards. "Tell me," Pansy's legs bumped into the bed. "Teach me," Lily demanded, and she pushed Pansy over onto the bed and dropped her halter onto the floor on top of Pansy's clothes.

Lily peeled Pansy's panties off and then crawled slowly up Pansy's body, kissing, licking, and softly biting until their mouths met again. Lily broke the kiss and sat up. "Touch me," she said, pulling Pansy's hands to her breasts. Pansy stroked Lily's breasts, and Lily's head fell back. Pansy pulled a thick rope of the red hair around and brushed Lily's breast with it.

"I love your hair, and your skin is so soft," Pansy breathed. "You're beautiful, Lily, and I know I shouldn't be doing this but I don't want to stop."

"Oh, stopping is no longer an option. You got off the couch. You're mine now, Pansy, and you have things to teach me."

Lily pulled Pansy's hands from her breasts and moved until her skirt covered Pansy's head.

"Teach me," she repeated. "Show me. Everything. All of it, I want all of it-- aahh, yeesssssss..."

Pansy had been surprised; overwhelmed, even, by Lily's emphatic seduction. But she knew what she wanted, and it was right in her face, so...

Pansy's fingers dug into Lily's buttocks as she pulled Lily hard against her, trying to get her tongue a little deeper inside. Lily's hips rocked, and Pansy moved her tongue to Lily's clit and slid a finger into her pussy, moving in time with Lily.

"You were right, I do have a little Slytherin in me," panted Lily. "Fuck, that feels good, I'm gonna -- "

"You said 'everything'," mumbled Pansy, slowly pushing a now-slick finger into Lily's bottom...

Lily shuddered and fell forward, catching herself with her hands, rubbing herself all over Pansy's face as Pansy swallowed as much of the thick, heady fluid as she could.

"Wow," panted Lily, "sorry about all the mess. That never happened before. I knew you could teach me things."

"You are absolutely delicious, but I'm not done yet," Pansy told her. "So lick this lovely stuff off of my face and then show me what you've learned so far..."


"Well, what do you think?" Lily asked, watching Pansy slowly chew the cake with her eyes closed. Pansy swallowed, and Lily had a brief flashback.

"That's damn good cake," Pansy declared, "Draco was right, it's better than sex." Lily's face fell a little. "Better than sex with him, anyway. Best cake I've ever had, but a long way from the best thing I've had in my mouth tonight." Lily grinned.


"Really, and you're a fast learner. Pushy; demanding, even. But you're a true Gryffindor after all, despite the Slytherin in you. And you're also the most seductive person I have ever known. I've never felt so helpless. I liked it."

"So, am I the best you've ever had?" Lily asked.


"Always," Lily said firmly.

"Then not yet. But you do taste the best, your breasts are perfect, your skin is the softest I've ever touched, and your hair is the most beautiful I've ever seen, even here," Pansy said as she played with the damp, red curls between Lily's thighs. "Especially here," she amended as she cupped Lily's swollen pussy. "Now take me back to bed and I'll teach you to hold that against me."



"Lily?" Pansy panted.

"Yes?" Lily replied from somewhere south of Pansy's navel.

"You're the best," Pansy gasped as her back bent like a bow.

"I know, but I'm not done yet."

"Teach me..."

Tags: *fest: 2016, character: lily luna potter, media: fic, pairing: lily/pansy, rating: nc-17, type: femslash
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