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ART: Hand-me-downs (James Sirius/Teddy, G)

Title: Hand-me-downs
Artist: shiftylinguini
Prompt: #S38
Pairing(s): James Sirius/Teddy (or could be seen as Gen James and Teddy, really!)
Rating: G
Art Medium: Pencil
Content/Warnings: some well meaning but misguided parents, androgynous Teddy, genderfluid/genderqueer Teddy, cross dressing James, Quidditch player!James, hairy legs, and boots
Summary: Harry and Ginny have nothing against James wearing women's clothing. However, worrying it'll hurt his chances of being a professional Quidditch player, or that he'll be teased, they ask Teddy to have a chat with James about dressing appropriately—which Teddy is more than happy to do.

James, on the other hand, has a lot of things against giving up half his wardrobe because 'skirts aren't for boys, Jamie' and is beyond thrilled to find that Teddy a) doesn't give a stuff what he's wearing, and b) is roughly his size. After all, Teddy's hand-me-downs were always the best.
Artist's Notes: Thank you, prompter, for this lovely prompt! I really loved this prompt and the opportunity to try and depict a character who is genderqueer/genderfluid and androgynous, as well as looking at clothing and identities, and how those things are linked. I really hope I've managed to do justice to this scenario <3. Thanks as well to the mod for being marvelous!
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling and associates. No copyright infringement intended.

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Tags: *fest: 2016, character: james sirius potter, character: teddy lupin, media: art, pairing: james/teddy, rating: g, type: slash
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