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2018 HP Next Gen Fest Reveals!

The time has finally come for the 2018 hp_nextgen_fest reveals!

Thank you so very much to everyone who has made this fest such an amazing success! We were incredibly impressed with the overwhelming enthusiasm you all have for our favorite Next Gen characters. Everyone who submitted stories and art, and those who read, reviewed and recced: You guys are amazing!!

It's been really great seeing everybody's fantastic creations, and we hope you all enjoyed the fest as much as we did!

Without further ado, here's a list of all the amazing participants who worked so hard to create fabulous things for this year's fest!


[ profile] mzuul drew Sick Day [James Sirius/Teddy & Albus | G]
Albus insists he’s not sick, James and Teddy say otherwise.

[ profile] Tonks914 drew Every Christmas From Now On [Albus Severus/Scorpius | PG]
While decorating their flat for the holidays, the new couple discusses where they should spend Christmas day.

julchen_in_red drew Deep Roots, New Growth [Draco & Teddy Gen | PG]
With Draco’s help, Teddy learns about his Black Family ancestry and helps to restore the damaged tapestry.

they_lied drew Ebb Tide [Rose/Padma | NC-17]
Rose, normally very shy, finds the courage to get what she wants at a masquerade ball.

nearlyconscious drew SHE ROCKS!!! [Dominique & Roxanne | G]
Summer 2016. Roxanne and Dominique never get tired of playing Quidditch together. The rest of the family does get a little tired of hearing Dominique yell "SHE ROCKS!!!" everytime Roxanne scores a goal, but they don't say a thing.

[ profile] Tonks914 drew On Holiday [James Sirius/Teddy | PG]
It's their first holiday together without the family, but they haven't done much sightseeing. Correction: they haven't done any sightseeing.

nearlyconscious drew Pining [Lily Luna/Rose | PG]
It's a wonder no one besides Hugo has noticed that Lily Luna is pining for Rose.


maesterchill drew & wrote Swim To Me [James Sirius/Teddy | PG-13]
Nestled within the Lake District, among rolling green hills, spindly birch trees and tall pine trees, lay Teddy’s cottage, just a stone's throw from a serene lake; the perfect place to swim in the warm late-summer sun. There was just one problem: James’s fear of swimming.
"I’ll teach you", Teddy said. "I’ll make it fun."
James was sold on the idea pretty quick. Being in close contact with the half-naked object of his crush? It was a no brainer.


nerdherderette wrote Drink Me [James Sirius/Teddy; Albus Severus/James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
Before going to bed on his 18th birthday, Albus drinks one of Weasley Wizard Wheezes' newest wish-fulfillment potions, his gift from Lily.

lash_larue wrote Lavender's Iris [Lily Luna/Lavender | PG-13]
Lily does some hard thinking before her upcoming wedding. What she discovers is a bit of a surprise to her.

tak3avacation wrote Close To Me [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
“I can’t believe you want to suck your own cock.”
“No, the other way around. I wanna see me suck my cock. It’s a world of difference, Tedward. Keep up!”

gracerene wrote Activate [Draco/James Sirius | NC-17]
Draco always figured he was a common Beta, and though he may have had childhood dreams of presenting as an Alpha, after forty years of living he's made his peace with his lot in life. He had a loving relationship with his late Beta wife, has an amazing son, and his work at his Apothecary and Potions shop keeps him occupied. Draco has a very pleasant life indeed, until one day his son drags James Sirius Potter into his life and everything gets turned on its head.

maraudersaffair wrote Waiting for You [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
When James was sixteen, Teddy agreed to take his virginity if he made it to eighteen without losing it. He never thought James would make it the two years without shagging anyone, but now James is eighteen and asking Teddy to fulfill his promise.

alisanne wrote My Potter Boyfriend [James Sirius/Scorpius | R]
Scorpius has a Potter boyfriend, it’s just not the one everyone thinks.

rillalicious wrote On the Same Side [Charlie/Teddy | R]
Teddy is heading to Romania to protest a proposed anti-dragon law. He finds an interesting ally there.

[ profile] JosieMoone wrote It's Just A Little Bond. Bond. [James Sirius/Teddy | R]
When James and Teddy are pushed to the limits of their relationship, which include a bonding charm and several secrets, will they feel as strongly when everything is out in the open?

[ profile] thealmostrhetoricalquestion wrote Where The Apples Grow In Winter [Albus Severus/Scorpius | PG-13]
Albus was determined not to join in with the Owl Exchange at first, but he didn't count on the awkward charms of a sweet, lonely boy who, by history's reckoning, he was definitely supposed to hate.

[ profile] dot_the_writer wrote Mile Markers and Wizarding Wonders [James Sirius/Teddy | PG-13]
James plans a road trip to see the Seven Wizarding Wonders and Teddy ends up coming along. Cue weeks and weeks of bed sharing, accidental cuddling, Teddy's musical selections, a bit of stargazing and lots and lots of figuring each other out during long drives across Europe.

[ profile] violetclarity wrote Neapolitan [James Sirius/Scorpius/Teddy | NC-17]
Scorpius never felt bad about fancying both James and Teddy, because he never thought he had a chance with either of them. So when it turns out that they both like him back, what’s a bloke to do? (Take advantage of the situation. Obviously.)

[ profile] CallMeHopeless wrote Alt Er Love (Everything Is Love) [James Sirius/Teddy | PG-13]
There are sparks flying between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Albus and Scorpius are sure of it. So they do the most logical thing everyone would do in their situation: They ask James and Teddy for their help playing matchmaker. Thinking about love 24/7 comes easy for Albus and Scorpius, but for James and Teddy, it makes it harder and harder to pretend the feelings they hold for each other are strictly platonic...
This is the one where the boys try to set Draco and Harry up five times and one time they don't.

nia_kantorka wrote Love Our Way [Albus Severus/Blaise | NC-17]
Blaise loves Albus. He also loves Albus' pale skin and how it contrasts so well with his own rich colour. Fortunate for him, it is just the same for Albus.

[ profile] Tonks914 wrote These Hearts They Race... [Albus Severus/Scorpius | R]
Albus thought that three weeks without his secret boyfriend had been hard enough, but now that Scorpius has arrived the lack of privacy in the Potter house may actually kill him.

[ profile] restlessandordinary wrote Show Me Where Your Love Lies [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
At 23 James is one of the top Seekers in the world, Witch Weekly's most eligible bachelor 4 years running and never far from the front pages of the paper. Oh, and he just so happens to be a virgin desperately in love with Teddy, both facts he plans to take to his grave. But when the Daily Prophet runs a story on "England's Most Eligible Virgin" all the secrets James has worked so hard to conceal begin to come out.

iamisaac wrote Can You See Me? [Albus Severus/Teddy | PG-13]
Albus has been watching Teddy since he was fifteen.

[ profile] randowskie wrote Dreams Do Come True [James Sirius/Teddy | R]
Teddy has it bad for James, but he knows that James is completely off limits and not interested. When a date with James is being auctioned off for charity, Teddy realizes he may not be able to keep his feelings quiet.

titti wrote The Clock That Changed Life [Draco/James Sirius | PG]
James is reluctant to come out, but when Draco gets cursed, he realises what's truly important to him.

goldentruth813 wrote my youth is yours [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
At twenty-eight years old James is a respected Auror with a comfortable life. And alright, perhaps his love life is a bit lackluster and something has always seemed like it was missing. But he’s got a job he loves and Teddy as his Auror partner and best mate. That's more than enough for James. At least until an Auror raid gone wrong leaves James in his eighteen-year-old body grappling with feelings he thought he’d left in the past.

[ profile] Littlerose13 wrote Chess and Gobstones [Albus Severus/Scorpius | R]
James sighed and shook his head. “You want to run with me because you have something you want to ask me. You’re not asking Scorpius, which means it’s about Scorpius. I’m right, aren’t I?”
Albus scowled at his brother’s smug expression and muttered the most unenthusiastic confirmation he could. James’ grin grew wider as he started gesticulating with both hands.
“So it’s about your boyfriend, and you’re not asking Mum, like you did when you needed help with his Christmas present, which means it’s about sex.”

daddyshiro wrote Let it Bloom [Lily Luna/Pansy | NC-17]
After their one-night stand, Lily had thought she wouldn’t be seeing more of Pansy. She’d never been so happy to be wrong.

[ profile] barry_manilows_wardrobe wrote They would have told me, right? [James Sirius/Scorpius | PG-13]
Albus had heard the rumours. It was hard not to when his best mates were the subject.
He loved them. Scorp and James. He really did. But he wouldn't complain if they decided to take it down a notch, though. Snaps with the people they presumably actually dated. Maybe a statement to the press. But Scorpius would just laugh in that disarming way he had from years of PR witches' work to smooth out the awkward. We're just mates. And then turn around and he would have Jamie on his lap, handsy as only two boys living out of suitcases and Quidditch locker rooms could be. They were up in each other's pockets so long now, it was impossible to think of one without the other. The press had a name for that: Scames.

thenewlondoner wrote The Boyfriend Look™ [James Sirius/Teddy | PG]
General reviews for Teddy’s taste in clothes include: a sartorial travesty (Albus Potter), absolutely painful (Lily Potter), very 80s (Hugo Granger-Weasley). James just sees Teddy.

mykesprit wrote Love and Letters [Albus Severus/Scorpius | PG-13]
A series of letters between Unspeakable Scorpius Malfoy and Professor Albus Potter.

cassiara wrote Rarely Pure and Never Simple [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
James really enjoys his life. He likes sharing a flat with his best mate, Teddy. He likes being work-partners with said best mate. He likes going out at the weekends and shagging random girls. At least, that’s what he tells people. The truth isn’t that simple, and when James accidentally manages to get hit by a curse that makes him unable to lie he learns that hiding the fact that he’s completely and utterly arse over tit in love with Teddy is more complicated than expected.

[ profile] Donnarafiki wrote I Have To Tell You Something [Lily Luna Gen | PG]
Lily used to love family dinners until divorce, Quidditch contracts and one too many arguments ruined the atmosphere. Now that things were finally getting better, she's forced to bring her own problems to the table. Because even her tough-woman act isn't strong enough to hide the demons in her mind anymore.

[ profile] nifflers_n_nargles wrote Everything He Ever Wanted [James Sirius/Teddy | PG-13]
James has had a lot of favorite things in his life...or has he?

torino10154 wrote Out of Hand [Albus Severus/Harry | NC-17]
Al gets into constant trouble at school and Harry is at his wit's end. Maybe a firm hand will set him right.

shiftylinguini wrote Hallo Spaceboy [James Sirius/Teddy | PG-13]
“If this mirror could talk,” James remembers declaring, already one drink down and trying to tidy up his ridiculous costume eyeliner, “it would say we look bloody amazing.”

Teddy’s arm was warm when he wrapped it around James’s shoulder, pulling him closer.

“We always do, love.” Teddy tugged on a long curl of James’s hair before tucking it behind his ear, then smoothing the whole lot of it back. “We’re the fittest blokes at the party, us.”

James’d had to give up on the eyeliner after that; he was grinning too hard, flushed and happy and basking in Teddy’s attention (fit blokes, we’re fit blokes, that’s us), and he couldn't bloody stop.

[ profile] thepistolgirl wrote the salacious ideas of peculiar boys [Albus Severus/Scorpius | NC-17]
Albus and Scorpius have never been lacking on the idea front, but this time, rather than trying to change time and consequentially resurrecting a great darkness and eternal gloom, they've decided to try out something a little more... sexually experimental.
alternatively titled: fellas, is it gay to jerk off your best friend?

mindabbles wrote The Frame [James Sirius/Sirius| NC-17]
What are the ethical complications of falling for a person you're named after? How about the logistical complications of falling for someone who shouldn’t be alive? James would rather, he finds, not look too closely at either, not when Sirius makes him forget anyone else exists.
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