December 14th, 2008

draco edward sparkle

Submissions due in ONE WEEK!

There's only one week left for those of you who haven't requested extensions to get your submissions in, so if you haven't yet started, make sure you do so immediately. Submissions are due Sunday, December 21. The submission guidelines post is here.

As always, if you anticipate needing an extension, let us know ASAP. The same applies if you need to drop out -- the sooner you tell us, the more time the pinch hitter who picks up your assignment will have.

Speaking of pinch hitters, if you're one of the participants who turned in an early submission or still want to get involved in the fest, we'd love to have you as a pinch hitter. There are no guarantees that you'll receive a gift, but the holidays are all about giving, so head on over and leave your information if you're interested :)

If anyone has last minute questions or concerns, don't hesitate to leave a comment here or email us at ngfestmods [at] gmail [dot] com. The beta post is here, but any of the mods/proofreaders are willing to help if you can't find a suitable beta. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page as we hit the final stretch.