January 11th, 2009


And... we're off!

In an hour, we will post our first piece. Please watch this community if you'd like to stay updated on the submissions that are posted.

Posting will take place every day at approximately midnight PST and either 3 or 4 pm PST (we're still waiting to see how the mods' schedules work out). We understand these might not be the optimal times for everyone, but there will be time to catch up between posts and after posting ends, so feel free to take your time!.

We have received all but the last few submissions, and we're thrilled with the way this fest has turned out so far. First time fests are always tricky, but this one lived up to and exceeded every expectation. Thank you to all the fantastic participants and helpers who made it possible!

Hopefully everyone will enjoy the fic and art we have lined up. Please post all rec links here for the mods to collect and send to the Daily Snitch.

Thanks, and enjoy the fest!

~ _pinkchocolate, tiger_flame, and bewarethesmirk