October 19th, 2009

Next Gen 2010 Signup Form Information

We are posting the signup form now so you can begin filling it out. Signups will open tomorrow, Tuesday, October 20th, at 4pm EDT (UTC 8pm) and run through 11:59pm EDT on Halloween (UTC 4am, Nov 1).


We've asked for several characters, groups, or pairings. There is a list of Next Gen characters at the end of the rules here. It contains all named characters from the Epilogue and the interviews with parentage.

You can request all ratings for your gift, but you have to be 18 or older to request (or draw/write) R or NC-17 material. Requests can cover all genres, shapes, and sizes: het, slash, femmeslash, gen, cross-gen, school!fic, quidditch!fic, darkfic, fluff, angst, etc. Use the full Lego box and have fun!

The submission deadline will be January 31, 2010

See you on Platform -7!

Your mods,

noeon, nolagal and luvscharlie

This is not the sign-up post, this is just to let you get your form ready!