October 29th, 2009


Halloween Drabble Treat! Everyone step right up!

In the spirit of Halloween, we offer up a mini-drabble fest while we're awaiting the close of sign ups for the hp_nextgen_fest. If you haven't signed up, now is the time! Sign-ups close at midnight on Halloween.

Feel free to grab a prompt beneath the cut, write it and come back and grab another. (Though please only grab one at a time) We want this to be an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing as well as the chance to read some good little drabbles (artists, you are certainly welcome as well; drawbles are as welcome as drabbles!) Your word limit is 100-300, post your drabble/drawble in your journal and come back and leave us a link in the comments, so we can put them all together and make a pretty list that's easy for everyone to navigate.

This will run from now until the clock rolls over to 12:01 a.m. EST on November 1st and all good little ghouls, goblins and ghosties go back into… er wherever little ghouls, goblins and ghosties go on other days of the year. We tried to make most prompts Halloween-ish in nature (What? You've never heard of a kinky Halloween? I mean, really, there was only so much we could with K!) but that doesn't mean your creation has to have anything to do with Halloween. Simply have fun with it and go wherever the prompt takes you.

Grab an unclaimed prompt (if all of them have been claimed, then they are all open for a second time) and post your claim in the comments.

But, if someone has claimed a prompt that you really had your heart set on, don't despair. You can grab it too. We'll simply link all the stories for that prompt on the list. Sure, we'd love them all to be written at least once, but if one gets written 12 times, well that's just 11 more wonderful creations for us to enjoy. A win-win situation for us all.

Also, if you ask for a prompt and we don't get back to you right away particularly on Halloween night (as some of us will be parading little ones around in costumes, or drinking spiked punch at a party), go ahead and write/draw the prompt and link it. It's meant to be laidback and fun, so go wild and have a good time.

Once you've done one and posted it in your own journal, feel free to come back and grab another. We're not capping you off; feel free to do as many as you'd like and play with us as long or little as you want.

There's no rating limit, just please label if it's adult and include proper warnings, and the only rules are that everything is welcome, gen, het, slash and femmeslash as long as a Next Gen character is a lead player.

You do not have to be taking part in the Fest to play here. It is open to everyone, both participants and watchers alike.

Have a Happy Halloween from your Mods: noeon, nolagal and luvscharlie

Feel free to grab already claimed prompts!

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