October 30th, 2009


Wow, You Guys!

First of all, you guys are just amazing. Those drabbles and the enthusiasm! Just wow! We knew this fest was going to be awesome, but you've only confirmed our belief of what great people we're interacting with here... and talented. Words fail me. Some of these drabbles have been amazing.

I think I have the table updated to this point, but if I've missed a link or something please don't hesitate to come tell me.

Also, I've seen some of you comment that you were concerned you wrote something but didn't know if your claim on the prompt had been approved. Particularly tonight and tomorrow, please don't feel like you have to wait on us to say it's okay. Write, write, write. Chances are we may be away at the same time or something else (perhaps we've been goblin-napped!). We don't want anything to curb your enthusiasm (or cheat us out of your fabulous work)!

You guys rock!

Luvscharlie (who is too lazy to log out of the mod account and into her own-- hey, it's Friday!)

HA! Since luvscharlie was lazy, I can come in and give you links! ~nolagal

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