March 24th, 2010

Next Gen 2010 REVEALS post

It takes a village to make a next gen fest. A very talented, creative, silly, occasionally filthy, and always kind village. You are all wonderful. Thank you for being part of the Next Gen 2010 Olympic Village.

Thank you to EVERYONE who pimped, wrote, drew, read, commented, emailed help, and recommended! Your enthusiastic participation made this fest.

Thank you to our fest artist, _aurora_sky_, and our layout goddess, arobynsung, for making us look FABULOUS! Thanks also to femmequixotic for handling all of the art posting.

Thank you to luvscharlie, tailoredshirt, bethbethbeth, emansil, open_at_close, emiliyia, and oddnari for helping authors with expert beta work.

Thank you to snarkyscorp, sesheta_66, hondagirll, nolagal, and femmequixotic for their speedy and remarkable pinch hits.

Thank you to aigooism, clovermews and edgewareroad, and leashy_bebes for offering such generous community gifts.

Thank you to florahart and softly_sweetly for writing durrty, bespoke mod gifts.

And a bouquet of thank yous to luvscharlie and nolagal for agreeing to comod and shepherding a new mod through the fest process tirelessly and in the spirit of true generosity.




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