November 14th, 2010

HP NextGen Fest 2011

Hey fellow Next Gen fans!!

This is snarkyscorp and _aurora_sky_, your new mods for hp_nextgen_fest! We are both avid Next Gen lovers, and we're super excited to be running the fest! :D

Please check out our community, as one of your mods, Aurora, drew a new header for us! It's absolutely phenomenal and drool-worthy, as usual.

For the 2011 Fest, we're going to run a Prompt Claim Fest. In the past, Next Gen Fest has been an Exchange Fest, where you get a 'gift' and submit a 'gift', but this usually lends itself to, unfortunately, a lot of drop outs and us mods ripping our hair out trying to coerce and seduce friends into pinch hitting at the last minute. We'd much rather have a relaxed, low stress fest for all of us, where quality is more important than quantity.

That said, the scheduling will run a bit differently this year and will be as follows:

2011 NextGen Fest Schedule

Prompting: November 21-27
Prompt Claim & Signups: November 29-December 5
Submissions Due: February 21
Posting Begins: March 7

How to Signup

There are two—count 'em, TWO!—ways to signup for this year's fest:
1. Claim a prompt when Prompt Claiming goes live November 29 - December 5.
2. Comment on the Prompt Claim post November 29 - December 5, letting us know you're creating your own prompt.
This way, even if you don't like the prompts, there's still a way to participate. Again, low stress, super relaxed. :)

Everyone can claim up to 2 prompts but you can only claim a second after you’ve submitted your first. You can claim a second prompt anytime before the submission due date.

We will be posting the prompting template later this week and then prompting will go live on November 21. Prompts can be anything, from detailed story ideas to kinks, poetry, music, dirty pictures, etc.

If you have any questions, first check this handy dandy FAQ info post! and then if you’re still confused please email us at

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Want some pimping banners? Of course you do! Check 'em out and use wherever you see fit:

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-Snarky & Aurora