November 19th, 2010

Resources & Reminders!

Has everyone had a chance to see Deathly Hallows Part 1 yet???? _aurora_sky_ and I were at the midnight showing last night, and loved it! We're way too excited to see Part 2 next year. *_* Until then, we can mess with the next gen kids all we want. *grin*

So a few things:

1. The lovely and talented marguerite_26 offered to let us link to a few killer resources she's compiled. You can find these below and in the LJ Userinfo as well for future reference.

* For all the canon facts on the Next Gen kids, check out the Next Gen Kids Canon Guide.

* For all cross-gen pairings, an "age disparity warning" (ADW) will need to be provided on your submissions. This helps to keep from squicking people who may be comfortable with certain age ranges and not others and also ensures if anybody is underage, the warning is crystal clear. To see the age disparity between all next gen cross gen pairings, please see the Age Disparity Guide.

2. Prompting begins on November 21 - this Sunday!!!! If you are like me, you may want to be preparing prompts in advance, so feel free to copy this code, which you'll want to paste in the comments on the prompting post November 21-27:

If you have a "gen" prompt, feel free to put "gen" or "any" or just "Albus Severus" or whatever under pairings, since submissions don't have to be pairing-centric.

So get your prompts ready. The prompting post will go live Sunday, November 21 and run through November 27!

-Snarky & Aurora