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**Since there were so many prompts that they couldn't fit into a single entry, this is Part 2 of the choosable prompts! Have a look, but please reply to this post instead with your signup.**

HetCollapse )

         Scorpius/RoseCollapse )

         Teddy/VictoireCollapse )

         Other HetCollapse )

         Cross Gen HetCollapse )

Threesome/MoresomeCollapse )

GenCollapse )

MiscellaneousCollapse )

It's time for the 2011 HP NextGen Fest! This is the prompt claim & signup post. Review the prompts as outlined below, choose the prompt of your liking, and copy and paste the text as shown to claim the prompt of your choice. If you just want to signup without choosing a prompt, that's fine! Just use the second option below.

Signup With Prompt:

Signup Without Prompt:

Remember, only 2 people can claim the same prompt. Once 2 people have claimed it, I will cross it out, like so. Each person may only claim 1 prompt at a time.

We categorised these as best we could, with the main headings of Slash, Femslash, Het, Threesome/Moresome, Gen, and Miscellaneous. Having this many prompts makes finding things difficult, so we also sub-categorised the bigger ones with a few popular pairings if the prompts allowed as well as a separate tag for any cross gen pairings.

**Please fill out the above forms as best you can. This makes the mod's job soooo much easier with over 350 prompts to sort through.**

Here we go!

-Snarky & Aurora

SLASHCollapse )

         AS/SCollapse )

         Teddy/JamesCollapse )

         Other SlashCollapse )

         Cross Gen SlashCollapse )

FemslashCollapse )

( Het )
         ( Scorpius/Rose )
         ( Teddy/Victoire )
         ( Other Het )
         ( Cross Gen Het )

( Threesome/Moresome )

( Gen )

( Miscellaneous )