November 11th, 2011


Next Gen Fest 2012!

It's another year of next-gen goodness!

This is
literaryspell, your new mod for hp_nextgen_fest! I'm thrilled be be running the fest this year but sad to report that snarkyscorp will be taking a break from fandom.

Like last year, this year's fest will be a Prompt Claim. This has proven to result in quality fics written to high standards with low pressure for both writers and mods. :D

That said, here is the schedule for 2011-2012:

Prompting: November 21-27
Prompt Claim & Signups: November 29-December 5
Submissions Due: February 21
Posting Begins: March 5

How to Signup

There are two ways to signup for this year's fest:
1. Claim a prompt when Prompt Claiming goes live November 29 - December 5.
2. Comment on the Prompt Claim post November 29 - December 5, letting us know you're creating your own prompt.
This way, if none of the prompts inspire you, there's still a way to participate. Again, low stress, super relaxed. :)

Everyone can claim up to 2 prompts but you can only claim a second after you’ve submitted your first. You can claim a second prompt anytime before the submission due date.

The prompting template will be posted next week, and then prompting will go live on November 21. Prompts can be anything, from detailed story ideas to kinks, poetry, music, dirty pictures, etc.

If you have any questions, first check this handy dandy FAQ info post! And then if you’re still confused, reach me at

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