November 29th, 2011

Prompt Claim & Signups (CLOSED): Prompt List - Slash


It's time for the 2012 HP NextGen Fest! This is the prompt claim & signup post. Review the prompts as outlined below, choose the prompt of your liking, and copy and paste the text as shown to claim the prompt of your choice. If you just want to signup without choosing a prompt, that's fine! Just use the second option below.

Signup With Prompt:

Signup Without Prompt:

To claim a prompt, post the form into the comments of THIS POST.

Unlike previous years, only one person can claim each prompt. As a result, I ask that you sign up with a first and second choice. Once a prompt has been claimed I will cross it out, like so. You may only claim one prompt at a time. When you have submitted your first claim, you are absolutely welcome to claim another.

The prompt categories are as follows:
slash here
het here
threesome/moresome/solo here
femmeslash here
gen here

I will be emailing each recipient as soon as I can to confirm your claim. Please respond to that email so I know I got through. Contact is the most important part of a mod's job, and it'd be awesome if everyone made at least that part easy on me. :D

(Please feel free to inform me of any errors regarding the prompts)

Now, to the claiming!

-literaryspell, who can always be reached at

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