January 26th, 2012


Submission & Header Information

Hi everyone!

Hope your holidays went well and that you are all busy getting ready for hp_nextgen_fest. :D You have a little under 1 month to complete and turn in your submissions. Remember that submissions are due February 21!

Unlike last year, we won't be doing beta sign-ups. If you don't have a beta and won't be able to find one, please comment here and I will try to fix that. Also, if you would really like to beta, feel free to leave a comment here with some information and hopefully we can match some people up!

Header & Submission Information

**Please read this information very carefully. It makes things easier on us mods to keep track of scheduling and conflicts. :D**

Where to Submit:
All submissions should be sent to us at ngfestmods@gmail.com. Preferred formats are .doc, .docx, .rtf, or you can share with me via googledocs.

Use the Header below for all submissions. For fic, paste the header into the attached document. For art, attach the art as a .jpg to the email and put the header in the body of the email.


Ratings: Please use G, PG, PG13, R, NC17 for ratings. If you are unsure how to rate your fic, let me know and we will see what we come up with.

Warnings: Please warn for any and everything you think might be squicky or triggery to another person. This includes but is not limited to non-con, dub-con, chan, underage (18) sex, heavy kinks, incest, etc. We reserve the right to add warnings if necessary but we will contact you first. If you feel that your warning is a spoiler, please put it behind a white box like such: Your spoiler text here

Code for spoiler:

Collapse )

Staying in Touch

This is so important, guys. Don't be embarrassed if you need to dropout or request an extension. We just ask you do it sooner rather than later. Dropouts and massive/multiple extension requests can make that difficult when it comes time for scheduling and posting. So just be considerate and keep in contact!

If you have any questions, please email me at ngfestmods@gmail.com, and I'll be glad to help you out :)