March 30th, 2015


Next Gen Fest is coming back! :D

Hello everyone!

Earlier this year, gracerene and I were quite sad to find there were no next gen fests running anymore -- we love this fandom, and we'd love nothing more than to see more works in it. We considered for a while creating a new comm, but it seemed like such a shame when there were already so many others out there, so in the end we decided to bring this one back!

We're very enthusiastic about this, and really hoping to make this fest into something you'll be excited to take part in :D We'll eventually be posting updated rules & guidelines and providing pimping banners, but we'll always be available to you -- either by PM to either of us, or by email to -- if you have any doubts, comments, suggestions, or questions we could answer. In the meantime, here is the tentative schedule for the 2015 fest:

Prompting: August 1 - 14th
Claiming Opens: August 17th
Works Due: October 19th
Posting Starts: November 2nd

Lastly, we'd really like to thank noeon for contacting the old mods for us and giving us the keys to this wonderful fest, and capitu for making us an absolutely marvellous new layout. We hope everyone is looking forward to this year's fest -- Merlin knows we are! :D

gracerene and this_bloody_cat, your new (and extremely excited) mods! ♥