August 17th, 2015

Claiming Post for HP Next Gen Fest


Art by 8c, Banner by capitu

General Rules:
• Each prompt can be claimed once for fic and once for art
• Copy the form below and paste it into the comments section of the claiming post.
• When claiming, please include your top three choices in order of preference. (If you only want to request one prompt, that is perfectly fine.)
• If you are using your own prompt, please let us know the pairing you are planning on writing.
• All comments will be screened.
• Once we have reviewed your choices, we will update the prompts list to indicate the prompt has been claimed, and then send you a confirmation email. Please respond to this email so that we know we've got the correct prompt and email address for you.
• Once you submit your fic or art to the mods, you may claim another prompt.
• Claiming by proxy is permitted.

Remember, claiming is first come first served, so if someone else claims your top choice first, we will then assign you your second choice, or third if your second is taken also.

Please check out the Fest Rules & Guidelines before claiming a prompt.


Slash and Femslash


Gen, Threesomes , and Multiple Pairing Options

Claiming Template:

Let us know if you have any questions, either here in the comments section, or at

-Grace & TBC