September 1st, 2015

Headers for HP Next Gen Fest

There are just a few rules regarding submission:

• All stories MUST be beta-read.
• All stories MUST contain HTML coding. That means, if you want bolded, italicised or underlined text, you must put in the appropriate coding. We will not add that in for you.
• When your submission is complete, please email it to with the subject line: Submission, Username, Fic/Art, Prompt Number.

And just a reminder – this is an anonymous fest. So, please don't post anywhere else until after the reveal.

Here are the headers we'd like you to use on your fic/art.

Collapse )

Also, just an FYI that CLAIMING is still open. For those of you already creating something wonderful, after you submit your first piece, you are more than welcome to claim a second! :D

Please let us know if there are any mistakes or if we've have forgotten to include anything in the headers!

-Grace & TBC