September 9th, 2015

AO3 Posting

We will be cross-posting all fic to the hp_nextgen_fest Collection on AO3.

So, what does this mean for participants?

• If you're an author you need an AO3 account. If you do not have an AO3 account and you are submitting a fic, please contact us ( and we can work on getting you set up.

• If you do not have/want an AO3 account, or you'd rather the fic not be posted there, please let us know. As long as the fic fits in one LJ post, then we're fine just posting it to the fest comm.

• All fest fics will be posted anonymously. However, you will be listed as an invisible co-author from the start and will remain anon until the reveal. After the reveal, the fic will be listed in your Dashboard/Works page, just as any other fic you have posted on AO3, and you'll keep all comments and kudos you've received during the fest. We will encourage AO3 readers to leave comments and provide a link back to the LJ post with the header of the fic.

• As the author is listed as co-author from the moment we post your fic to AO3, you can edit your story even after you submitted it. Please do use this option sensibly. Don't rewrite your entire fic. We also recommend going in and tagging your fic, as we will just be adding some of the basic content/warning tags included in the header.

If you have any questions about how we use AO3 for this fest, please comment here or email us at

-Grace & TBC