November 13th, 2016

2016 Fest: Weekly Roundup #2

Week two is wrapped up here at hp_nextgen_fest!

No worries, we've still got one last week of amazing submissions for you all to enjoy. In the meantime, here's a roundup for this past week so you can get all caught up over the weekend. Don't forget to leave some love on all of the awesome creations! :D


A rose by any other name (would smell as sweet) [Trans!Rose/Scorpius | G]
"You're all right, kid," he says, and takes Scorpius's hand in his.

Triplicities [Albus Severus/Scorpius | G]
An after class moment.


Floriography [Albus Severus/Scorpius | PG-13]
All Scorpius wants is to go with Albus to the Yule Ball, and everyone is aware of that, except Albus.

Creating a New Standard [Hugo GEN | G]
For Dominique's birthday, Hugo decides to make a big supper for his entire family at Shell Cottage.

The Sweetness of Forbidden Fruit [Albus Severus/Ron | NC-17]
Ron had a problem. A pretty big problem. But it was alright because he'd learnt to live with it and he could deal with it just fine. Except that when when others notice that problem they naturally want to help. How was it polite to say that you really, really didn't need that help?

In the end, it would only make things so much worse.

Accidentally in Love [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
James and Teddy are best friends and that’s all they’ll ever be. At least until James walks in on Teddy having sex, and suddenly having sex with Teddy is all he can think about.

Second Skin [Lorcan/Lysander | R]
People always say we’re attached at the hip, Lorcan and I. He feels like home to me, and I trust him more than anyone. But there are things even Lorcan cannot know.

It's a Big, Gay World Out There [James Sirius/Teddy | PG-13]
When James comes out, Teddy takes him out. Not like that, though. Really.

Dear Lily, Dear Hugo [Hugo/Lily | PG-13]
Lily and Hugo are getting married and Rose has thought up the best gift ever to give them.

Who's The Winner Now, Baby? [Albus Severus/Scorpius | NC-17]
Potters are known for their hate to lose. Malfoys are known for their love to win. Albus isn't sure what Scorpius has his mind set on, though.

Intervention [GEN | R]
There isn’t much to entertain an 11-year-old Scorpius Malfoy in his sheltered existence, other than secretly practising magic and listening to his father's daily rants about his working partner, a.k.a. "that colossal idiot” Weasley. But shortly before he embarks on his first year journey to Hogwarts, Scorpius stumbles upon his father's big secret that involves a certain someone his father has been pining for – and suddenly his father’s love life seems to call for emergency intervention. Now, what could an 11-year-old possibly do? Not much... but a bunch of 11-year-olds (or not quite) just might surprise you.