November 5th, 2017

2017 Fest: Weekly Roundup #1

We hope that you've all been enjoying the first week of hp_nextgen_fest!

To help everybody catch up, a roundup of the first week is below. Posting will start again tomorrow. We've still got another two weeks of fabulous submissions to share with you all!


Rosewater [Rose | G]
Rose is a successful pastry chef, and her specialty is fairy cakes! Word has it her rosewater cakes will make your mouth water.

Under Cover [Albus Severus/Scorpius | PG]
It looks like rain, but Albus has had this picnic planned for days and he’s not letting the weather of all things get in the way of his afternoon with Scorpius. Armed with a cloak as an improvised rain shelter ― and some plastic butterflies transfigured out of Scorpius’s water bottle ― well, it’ll take more than rain to keep them indoors.


Right Here Beside You [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
When Aurors Lupin and Potter are told to look into a Dark Potions ring, they don't anticipate running into a bonding spell. But now James can't go more than a metre or two from Teddy under any circumstances, and it (or possibly he) is bloody hard.

Speaking Of (Things in Your Mouth) [Albus Severus/James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
Pouring rain, paintings, pierogies, and polyamory.

Homecoming [Hugo/James Sirius | NC-17]
Hugo has always been the shy, unnoticed kid, but when he comes back after seven years travelling the world and with abs to kill for, James simply can’t take his eyes off him.

Can't Buy Me Love [Albus Severus/Draco | NC-17]
It all had began so simply, but when had everything changed? A handsome young man, some gorgeous eye-candy, that's all it was meant to be. Draco hadn't expected to fall head over heels.

Magic in Our Veins [Albus Severus/James Sirius/Lily Luna | NC-17]
Soaked by the rain, three Potters face one bed, and each other.

Closed Door, Open Window [Albus Severus/Teddy | NC-17]
When James announces his engagement, Teddy knows it's time to get over him. In the process of trying to deal with his hidden feelings, Teddy finds himself liking the unexpected support he gets from someone who's caught on. Slowly, things start to change, and he learns that sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift in perspective to see something familiar in a new light.

This old house [Malfoy Family Gen | PG-13]
Every Sunday, for as long as he could remember, Scorpius Malfoy had been accompanying his father to Malfoy Manor to visit his grandparents. This is one of those times.

A Decent Replacement [James Sirius/Scorpius | NC-17]
There’s not enough room at The Burrow with everyone crowding in for Victoire’s wedding, so James and Scorpius are going to have to share a room. Which would be fine, if that didn’t also mean sharing one bed.

Similar Creatures [Albus Severus/Scorpius | NC-17]
Scorpius is a prostitute who dreams of becoming a history professor. Albus is the privileged arsehole who hires him.