June 7th, 2019

2019 HP Next Gen Fest Announcement

Hello friends!

We're super excited to announce that hp_nextgen_fest will be back in 2019! You can find this year's schedule below, along with a couple of changes for this year's fest.

2019 Timeline:
Prompting: July 29 - August 9
Claiming Opens: August 12
Works Due: October 14
Reveals: November 25
Posting Starts: October 28

The primary change for this year's fest is in regards to fest platform. This year's fest will NOT be running on livejournal, and this will be the last time we post about the 2019 fest on LJ. All fest works will be hosted on AO3 as they have been in past years, and fest announcements will be made on our tumblr and dreamwidth communities, so please follow there for the latest updates on the fest! Headers will be exclusively hosted on tumblr, but we will be posting weekly round-ups and the masterlists on dreamwidth for those of you who'd prefer to follow the fest there.

Thank you for your understanding as we make these necessary modifications to the fest. We hope to see you all at the beginning of August for prompting! Keep an eye out for banners in the next several weeks. :)

<3 Grace & Linguini