Annie (_pinkchocolate) wrote in hp_nextgen_fest,

Sign-up post for pinch hitters

As we wait for the last few confirmations to roll in, it’s time to start preparing for drop-outs. If any of you wonderful next gen lovers missed the first round of sign-ups and would like to participate as a pinch hitter, please fill out the following template and post it here. By signing up, you're merely letting us know you're willing to help us if the need arises. We'll try to work in everyone, but a spot isn't guaranteed.

Also, whether or not you receive a gift depends on when you join the fest. If you’re interested in jumping in early on, you’ll most likely receive a gift; if you’re pinch hitting for a late drop-out, chances are you won’t.

That said, if you’re signing up to pinch hit a fic in addition to your assignment or only interested in writing, feel free to leave the “receiving” fields blank :)

Tags: !announcement, !mod post, *fest: 2009
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