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Next Gen 2010 REVEALS post

It takes a village to make a next gen fest. A very talented, creative, silly, occasionally filthy, and always kind village. You are all wonderful. Thank you for being part of the Next Gen 2010 Olympic Village.

Thank you to EVERYONE who pimped, wrote, drew, read, commented, emailed help, and recommended! Your enthusiastic participation made this fest.

Thank you to our fest artist, _aurora_sky_, and our layout goddess, arobynsung, for making us look FABULOUS! Thanks also to femmequixotic for handling all of the art posting.

Thank you to luvscharlie, tailoredshirt, bethbethbeth, emansil, open_at_close, emiliyia, and oddnari for helping authors with expert beta work.

Thank you to snarkyscorp, sesheta_66, hondagirll, nolagal, and femmequixotic for their speedy and remarkable pinch hits.

Thank you to aigooism, clovermews and edgewareroad, and leashy_bebes for offering such generous community gifts.

Thank you to florahart and softly_sweetly for writing durrty, bespoke mod gifts.

And a bouquet of thank yous to luvscharlie and nolagal for agreeing to comod and shepherding a new mod through the fest process tirelessly and in the spirit of true generosity.




Next Gen 2010: Platform -7 Reveals

lotus_lizzy wrote Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words for nopejr
Scorpius and Charlie, PG-13 (FIC)

liliths_requiem wrote Seven Conversations at the Leaky Cauldron for severely_lupine
Teddy/Lily, Teddy/Victoire, Rose/Scorpius, Dominique/OFC, James II/OFC, PG-13 (FIC)

sevillagranada wrote Hair for thilia
Rose/Lily, NC-17 (FIC)

demonoflight drew Exploring the Shrieking Shack for savepureness
Teddy and Victoire, G (ART)

lunalovepotter wrote Cousins for feigned_living
Scorpius/Lily, Scorpius/Rose, NC-17 (FIC)

snarkyscorp wrote A Summons to Foolish Blood for gala_apples
James/Albus, NC-17 (FIC)

hondagirll wrote A Day of Notes for cyyt
Rose/Scorpius, PG (FIC)

brighty18 wrote Rifts for oneturtlebug
Teddy, Teddy/James, PG-13 (FIC)

gryffindorj wrote Click for okydoky
Teddy/James, Albus/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

inadaze22 wrote Judas' Kiss for hp_nextgen_fest
Rose/Scorpius, PG-13 (FIC)

tray_la_la wrote till by losing rendered sager for nuclearsugars
Louis/Dominique, Louis/Hugo, Dominique/Lily Luna, Dominique/James Sirius, Teddy/Louis, NC-17 (FIC)

wwmrsweasleydo wrote The Unforecasted Storm for deathlydragon
Louis/James/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

scarletladyy wrote Manipulation in The Workplace for gelsey
Draco/Rose, R (FIC)

chibitoaster drew Delicious for dude_youfugly
Albus/Scorpius, PG-13 (ART)

okydoky wrote The Best Idea for maraudersaffair
Albus/Teddy, NC-17 (FIC)

feigned_living wrote Rose Weasley, Perpetually Skeptical for end1essly
Rose/Scorpius, R (FIC)

ayane_tsurugi wrote Why Hiding a Relationship With Your Enemy Never Works: A Dramedy in Five Acts for thebigdisaster
Rose/Scorpius, PG-13 (FIC)

savepureness wrote Hold Me For A While for tania_sings
Lysander/Female OC, R (FIC)

literaryspell wrote Raising the Bar for wwmrsweasleydo
Albus/Teddy, Albus/Teddy/Scorpius NC-17 (FIC)

deathjunke wrote and drew Closets for bryoneybrynn
Albus/Teddy, NC-17 (FIC with ART)

pretty_panther wrote Worries for Another Day for ramie_k
James/Teddy, NC-17 (FIC)

seraphimerising wrote Warning: Does Not Play Well with Others for scarletladyy
Rose/Draco/Pansy, NC-17 (FIC)

gala_apples wrote Rain and Fire for hp_nextgen_fest
Hugo/Teddy, NC-17 (FIC)

hereticalvision wrote Devour for snarkyscorp
Scorpius/Ginny, NC-17 (FIC)

severely_lupine wrote Teddy Lupin, Private Tutor for demonoflight
Teddy and Scorpius, G (FIC)

open_atclose wrote Taking Chances for bendleshnitz1
Rose/Scorpius, PG (FIC)

leashy_bebes wrote In Which Three is Also Company for amusinglee404
James/Teddy/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

dude_youfugly drew Picture of Things as They Used to Be for brighty18
Teddy/James, G (Art)

drcjsnider wrote Unsure and Uneasy for open_atclose
Rose/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

thilia drew In-Laws for chantefable
Teddy/Fleur, R (ART)

amusinglee404 wrote Long Time In Coming for pretty_panther
Albus/Scorpius, R (FIC)

thebigdisaster wrote Mixed Signals for sira_scribbles
Albus/Scorpius, PG-13 (FIC)

nopejr wrote The Plans of Men for midnight_birth
Harry/Scorpius, Albus/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

tania_sings wrote The Incredible and Angsty Journey of Rose Weasley, Girl Slasher! for xmusicnotesx
Rose, many pairings and none, PG-13 (FIC)

phys_nut wrote A Rose By Any Other Name for deathjunke
Albus/Scorpius and other slash pairings, NC-17 (FIC)

pochibubblytea drew Bedroom Kisses for mysecretashes
James/Scorpius, R (ART)

nuclearsugars wrote Little Fierce One, Little Brave One for hp_nextgen_fest
Lorcan/Lysander, NC-17 (FIC)

softly_sweetly wrote Promises Kept for hp_nextgen_fest
Scorpius/Theodore Nott, NC-17 (FIC)

mindabbles wrote Pursuit of Imperfection for gryffindorj
James/Teddy, NC-17 (FIC)

nolagal wrote Family Ties for chibitoaster
Albus/Hugo, James/Rose, NC-17 (FIC)

a_shadow_there wrote Point of No Return for seraphimerising
Scorpius/Ron, NC-17 (FIC)

bryoneybrynn wrote Bids Me Waver for pochibubblytea
Albus/James, Albus/Scorpius NC-17 (FIC)

girlofavalon wrote All In the Family for leashy_bebes
James/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

mysecretashes wrote On Holiday for midnitemaraud_r
James/Teddy, NC-17 (FIC)

bendleshnitz1 wrote I'll Say for inadaze22
Rose/Scorpius, PG-13 (FIC)

sesheta_66 wrote About Time for a_shadow_there
Albus/Scorpius, PG-13 (FIC)

midnight_birth wrote A Memorable Holiday for tray_la_la
ALbus/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

oneturtlebug wrote Into Place for mindabbles
Teddy/Charlie, NC-17 (FIC)

cyyt wrote Playing Games for liliths_requiem
Rose, G (FIC)

deathlydragon wrote Complicated for literaryspell
Teddy/Louis, Teddy/Victoire, R (FIC)

end1essly wrote Tempest for lunalovepotter
Rose/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

gelsey wrote Roses are Red for drcjsnider
Rose/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

chantefable wrote Discombobulation for femmequixotic
Albus/Viktor Krum, NC-17 (FIC)

xmusicnotesx drew Quick Quotes for lotus_lizzy
Rose/Luna, PG (ART)

maraudersaffair wrote The Shy Epiphany for hp_nextgen_fest
Albus/Scorpius, R (FIC)

sirra_scribbles drew Triptych: Three Strangers Slowly Floating Away for sevillagranada
Teddy/Victoire, Molly/OMC, Rose/Lily, Albus/Scorpius, unrequited Hugo/Albus, Teddy/Lily, PG-13 (ART)

midnitemaraud_r wrote Some Days are Diamonds for softly_sweetly
Charlie/Teddy, Charlie/Teddy/James, Charlie/James, Teddy/James. (Past Teddy/Victoire), NC-17 (FIC)

femmequixotic wrote Arabesque on Ice for phys_nut
Albus/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

ramie_k wrote Ten Minutes for tomatoe18
Albus/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

tomatoe18 wrote When Centaurs Jumped Over the Moon for androidiordna
Albus/Scorpius, James/Teddy, NC-17 (FIC)

femmequixotic wrote Tonight We May Lose the Battle for ayane_tsurugi
Albus/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

androidiordna drew and wrote Smoky Tendrils for girlofavalon
Scorpius/Harry, NC-17 (FIC)

snarkyscorp wrote Where the Rift Mends for hereticalvision
Ginny/Scorpius, NC-17 (FIC)

aigooism wrote The Magical Squib for hp_nextgen_fest
Lily, Albus/Scorpius, PG-13 (FIC)

clovermews and edgewareroad posted a special TIRN: Next Gen Fest Gift for hp_nextgen_fest

leashy_bebes wrote Skirting the Issue for hp_nextgen_fest
Hugo/James, NC-17 (FIC)

florahart wrote Caught Off Guard for luvscharlie
Lily/Charlie, NC-17 (FIC)

softly_sweetly wrote This Disaster for nolagal,
Scorpius/Ron NC-17 (FIC)

Th-th-that's ALL folks! See you in 2011!

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