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NGF 2011 Reveals & Masterlist!

Thanks again for making this such a great fest, you guys!!! I won't waste any time, so without further ado:

2011 HP Next Gen Fest Masterlist

nursedarry wrote Hold the Phone - AS/S, R, 6.5k
damned_queen drew Teaching Scorpius - Pansy/Scorpius, R, NSFW
torino10154 wrote Passion for Potions - Slughorn/Scorpius, R, 2.5k
gryffindorj wrote Middle Man - Teddy/Albus, NC-17, 8.5k
demonoflight drew Chalk in the Park - gen, G, worksafe
scary_sushi wrote A Deciding First Touch - Harry/Scorpius, NC-17, 5.5k
hereticalvision wrote Broken Door - AS/S + various, R, 7.5k
i_phianassa wrote (Set Yourself) On Fire - Teddy/Victoire, PG-13, 1.5k
rillalicious wrote Spotlight - Fred II/Lee Jordan, NC-17, 8.5k
margottenenbaum wrote Twas Passing Strange - Teddy/Sirius, PG-13, 7.5k
thewordmap wrote Daddy's Little Girl - Scorpius/Lily, PG-13, 2k
mabonwitch wrote Chasing Down the Clues - Teddy/James, NC-17, 4k
scarletscarlet drew Two Girls as a Work in Progress - Victoire/Scorpius, G, Worksafe
mollywheezy wrote Going on Twelve - gen, PG, 15.5k
runningsissors wrote Drink Up Me 'Earties - Teddy/Lucy, PG-13, 3.5k
sarahyyy wrote We're Looking for Something Dumb to Do - Scorpius/Rose, PG-13, 2.5k
flaminia_x wrote Fitting In - gen, PG, 5k
museme87 wrote Love That Consumes Burns Brightest - Sirius/Teddy, R, 5k
wemyss wrote Summoned by Spells - gen Teddy, PG, 6k
damned_queen drew An Amicable Weakness - Harry/Scorpius, R, NSFW
teenage_hustler wrote I'm Yours, Always - Hugo/Lily, NC-17, 2.5k
aigooism wrote Theory of Evolution - Neville/Teddy, PG-13, 10.5k
momma_66 wrote Once in Love - James/Scorpius, PG-13, 12.5k
alley_skywalker wrote Dear Agony - Scorpius/Lysander, PG, 2k
luvscharlie wrote Muggle Party Games: Where Everyone's a Winner Except the Ass - Hugo/Lily, PG-13, 3.5k
cyyt wrote Of Glasses and Quidditch - Scorpius/Rose, G, 2.5K
lunalovepotter wrote Of Wine and Roses - Scorpius/Lily, R, 2k
jakuako wrote The Pome and the Pin - Dominique Weasley/Elladora Longbottom, PG-13, 12.5k
kitty_fic wrote Closing the Distance - Harry/Scorpius, NC-17, 6k
thinkxpink wrote It Was Always You - Teddy/Albus, PG-13, 2k
mindabbles wrote More Than That (In Your Hands) - Teddy/James, James/Scorpius, NC-17, 15k
valinorean wrote And Your Dad, Too - Albus/Scorpius/Gabrielle, AS/S, NC-17, 10k
noeon wrote Hours Before Dawn - Albus/Draco, R, 2k
femmequixotic wrote Love Letters from Silence - Albus/Viktor, NC-17, 4k
snarkyscorp wrote The Here & Hereafter - AS/S, Harry/Scorpius, Ginny/Scorpius, James/Albus, Teddy/Albus, R, 2.5k
vividescent drew Quill and Ink - Albus/Lorcan, PG-13, worksafe
thisaestus wrote There But for the Grace - Teddy/Neville, PG-13, 4k

Let us know if we messed anything up above! We'll be going through and editing the entries to show your usernames, but please be patient, as this might take a bit.

<3 Snarky & Aurora
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