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02 November 2015 @ 08:00 am
FIC + ART: It's not me, it's you (I'm in love) (James Sirius/Teddy, R)  
Title: It's not me, it's you (I'm in love)
Author/Artist: nerak_rose
Prompt: #S53 by nerak_rose
Pairing(s): Teddy/James, James/OC, past!Teddy/Victoire
Rating: R
Word Count: ~4k
Content/Warnings: [Spoiler (click to open)]Genderfluid!Teddy. There's a mention of infidelity happening between two OCs.
Summary: James is stupidly, madly in love. Teddy is looking for love in the wrong places.
Author's Notes: Thank you so much to the mods for granting me an extension, it's very much appreciated - you're the best! This fic turned out harder to write than I first anticipated and then I went and made art for it too. I hope you all like it. ♥
Re: the art, references are used for both Teddy and James (particularly James' James Dean hairdo), and I shamelessly threw a couple of nice textures on the finished drawing to add some colour and texture.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling and associates. No copyright infringement intended.

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nerak_rose nextgenfest15.png

James leaped up the stairs and came to a halt in front of Nick's front door, slightly out of breath. He knocked, and then again when nothing happened.

He was just about to knock a third time when finally, the door opened.

"Drop your pants, I wanna suck your cock," James said.

Nick, unperturbed by this, took a step back and opened the door wide for James. "Hello, James," he said. "Perhaps you'd like to come in and meet my new girlfriend?"

"Fuck off," James said, wading in. He stopped in the doorway to the living room, then turned around. "You weren't kidding."


"Why?" James frowned, feeling a lot more put out than he knew he had a right to be.

"Why not?" Nick closed the door. "Are you coming in?"

James glanced back into the living room, where Nick's girlfriend was looking at the two of them in confusion. "Maybe later. Introduce us proper, or something." He let out a breath of frustration and shoved his hands into his pockets so he wouldn't mess up his hair.

"Is it Teddy?"

"Can we not?" James made a face. "He moved in yesterday, and he's so...frustrating." He groaned. "Like, with his face and everything."

"How terrible." Nick didn't look sympathetic at all. "Why exactly haven't you asked him if he wants a good old suckjob?"

"Because," James said. "And stuff."

Nick rolled his eyes. "Go home, James. Or go out."

"Yeah." James looked himself over in Nick's mirror. His hair was still good.

"Cary Grant?"

"I was going for more of a Marlon Brando look," James said. "Ugh. I'm going."

"See you later, dickhead," Nick said, opening the door for him. "And have that crush looked at. It looks nasty."



Four days into James and Teddy's cohabitation, Victoire came over for tea. She never used to come over for tea when it was just James living there, but she was there now, and Teddy had baked something pink and fluffy that he said were French macaroons, and now he and Victoire were having tea.

In James' living room.

Ok, so James was there too - he had his own mug of tea, and a plate with a macaroon on it, and he was technically part of this whole tea party, but. It wasn't fair, is what it was, because the two most beautiful people he knew were in his home, and while Victoire was someone he would never (could never) go out with, she was like a goddess incarnated. And Teddy, well, Teddy was mostly himself, but the thing was, James thought bitterly, staring at the pink macaroon on his plate, that Teddy could've had a pig's face, and he would still have been the most gorgeous person on the planet in James' eyes. As it was, Teddy did not in fact have a pig's face, but he was sitting there with his eyes and his lips and those stupidly perfect eyebrows and smiling at Victoire and she was smiling back, and why did those two ever break up?

"You all right? Jamie?" Victoire asked, gently nudging James. "What's on your mind?"

"Nothing," James told her. "Just work." He fended off her concerns with shrugs and by pointedly pouring himself more tea, and the conversation flowed back to where it was before.

"It's just," Teddy said, looking a little forlorn, "so...it's difficult to meet people, and it's stupid, because it's not like I don't see hundreds of people every day..." He sighed dramatically. "I just want somebody to love, you know?"

James' ears were ringing. Me, he wanted to scream. I'm right here. Look at me. I'm here. Me. Me. Me.

"I know!" Victoire said. "Have you tried Shepherd's Speed Dating Service? Angelique got me to try it - it's how I met Alex."

Teddy perked up. "Oh? Tell me more."

"Excuse me," James said and left. He locked himself in his room and buried his head under his pillow.

He didn't come back out until he'd heard the front door open and close, signalling Victoire's departure.


James hair wasn't cooperating, like just about everything else in his life (he'd burnt his eggs and his coffee, which was a feat not previously accomplished), and to top it all, he was going to be late for work.

His attempts to spell it into staying the way he wanted weren't working. Maybe he shouldn't have put butter in his hair, but he was going for authentic, and anyway he'd run out of brylcreem (another thing to add to the list).

"Do you think I should pierce my tongue?" Teddy asked, looking over James' shoulder into the mirror. He'd let his hair fall past his shoulders in loose, wavy curls, and it was bright turquoise this morning. James thought he looked like a mermaid - a Muggle mermaid, from the storybooks he'd read as a kid.


"My tongue." Teddy stuck it out, giving himself a critical look. "What do you think?"

James stared at him, trying to forget the image of Teddy's pink tongue, and what it'd look like with a piercing in, or how that piercing would feel in potential situations involving his cock and Teddy's mouth. "I don't know," he eventually said. "Whatever you want."

"Hmm." Teddy adjusted his hair, retracting all hair on one side, until he was left with a side cut to complement his long turquoise locks. "Do you want some help with that?" He gestured at the photograph of Elvis that James had stuck to the mirror.

"I'm late for work," James said and walked away. "See you later."

Once out in the hall, he stripped the butter from his hair with a simple spell and resigned himself to his hairy fate. He glanced at the front door, his heart picking up speed at the thought of Teddy being right behind it, and drew in a deep breath. Something had to give, sooner or later, but it wasn't going to be today.

He apparated out.


Teddy went on dates four nights out of seven (Monday's he stayed in, Wednesday's he worked late and Thursday's his show was on the telly). James tried not to keep count, or to visibly cheer whenever Teddy came home in a bad mood, upset or dejected. On the other hand he tried to not show his own disappointment whenever Teddy got second dates, or when he sneaked in late at night with his shoes in hand and pretending he didn't just get laid.

James had also taken to making excuses to not be at home whenever Victoire came over for tea.


"So, your girlfriend didn't last long," James said, uncapping a bottle of beer for Nick. "What was it this time?"

"I fucked her brother," Nick said and clicked his bottle against James'. "Cheers."

"You're unbelievable." James shook his head. "Except not at all."

"He was really good though," Nick said. "I would've liked to keep him around. Unfortunately for me, the guy has, like, a moral code or something, so that's not happening."

"How terrible." James rolled his eyes at him, and took a drink of his beer.

"Very." Nick looked around pointedly. "So, where's your beau?"

"On a date." James grimaced. "Sundays are statistically terrible date nights, so he'll be back in a few hours all upset that he hasn't found the love of his life tonight." He rolled the bottle of beer in his palms. "What do I have to do to get him to notice me?"

"Have you tried this marvellous thing called 'telling him how you feel'?" Nick asked. "I hear it's a good tactic."

"That's a terrible tactic, oh my god, I just - how can you even suggest it?!"

"Because it makes sense, dickhead."

"It makes no sense!" James argued. "If I thought maybe there was a slight chance that he was interested in me...but it's like he doesn't know I exist! I might as well confess my undying love to a cactus. The cactus is more likely to respond in a positive manner."

Nick was the one to roll his eyes this time. "You're a fucking idiot, you know that?"

"I just have a sense of self-preservation," James muttered. "Maybe I should just try to make him jealous."

"Yeah, because that tactic has worked never," Nick told him. He chugged down what was left in his bottle. "Idiot, I say."

"I don't want to talk about this anymore. I want to not think about it or Teddy or anything as stupid as love." James set his bottle down. "Logically, you should fuck me." He looked up. "Right here. On this sofa. Let it be the first thing Teddy sees when he comes home."

"And here I thought you said you didn't want to think about Teddy," Nick pointed out. "I mean, I am absolutely up for the sex. I'm just saying."

"Shut up." James got up and went into his bedroom.

Nick followed.


Teddy had his tongue pierced, and spent a day unable to speak. James teased him about it, but also went out to get him ice cream.

There were no dates for the rest of the week, and James tried not to let it show how delighted he was to get to spend time with Teddy.


Teddy was in the bathroom, dressed in see-through black panties and a lace bra, and was adjusting the size and shape of his boobs. The bra changed size with the boobs; charmed underwear. Teddy had been talking about designing a set, and he'd apparently succeeded.

"What do you think?" Teddy asked.

"Eh..." James' mouth was dry. He stole a glance at Teddy's front, and saw that he'd done away with his dick. For a brief moment, James wondered what it would be like to put his mouth on Teddy's cunt, through the panties. Push the panties aside with his tongue, lick at him, taste him... "I don't know," he said, tearing his eyes away.

"I think like this," Teddy said, settling on a pair of small pert boobs. He turned in front of the mirror, inspecting himself from all angles. His hair grew longer, darker.

"Should I call you...she?" James asked, carefully. "I mean..."

Their eyes met in the mirror.

"I'd like that. Just tonight." Teddy suddenly pulled his morning robe off the hook on the door and slipped it on, her cheeks pink. "Did you need the bathroom?"

James shook his head. Whatever he'd needed the bathroom for was no longer important, and he couldn't get out of there fast enough. "Not anymore. Sorry. I'll just..." He gestured at the door, hoping his face wasn't as flaming red as he feared it was, and ducked out.

Standing just outside the bathroom door, feeling hot and turned on, James decided to go out. Teddy was probably going out too, if her fussing in front of the mirror was anything to go by, and it was Friday, but it'd probably be a while before she was ready and James didn't want to stick around long enough to see her come out.

"I'm going out!" he yelled.

"See you later!" Teddy yelled back.

James fetched his wand and a small wad of Muggle cash he kept for...well, emergencies and groceries, and apparated out. His favourite Muggle gay club was having a drag night, which wasn't much his thing, but it attracted people, and he knew the disco downstairs was usually populated by men looking to hook up. For getting off quick, that was the place to go - he wasn't in the mood for fishing, tonight.

Ten minutes later, he'd paid his entrance fee, gotten himself two shots in the bar, and was surveying the disco. It wasn't packed, yet, it was still early - early for places like this, anyhow. It wouldn't start filling up until after the drag show upstairs finished, and there was still about half an hour to go.

Finding someone wasn't difficult, and soon enough James was on his knees in a filthy bathroom stall, his mouth full of cock. He was palming himself through his trousers - he was going to get off, but for now he was focused on this cock in his mouth, thick and hard and oh, so lovely; James had been desperate to put his mouth on something. The guy moaned and James took him in a little deeper, greedy and heady with want. He fingered open his trousers, to encouraging sounds from above, and had his fingers firmly wrapped around his own cock, when the cops burst in.


"Dad? Hi, dad. I'm in a bit of trouble - don't tell mum - uhm, I've been arrested by the police. Can you come get me? Bring my ID, I left it at home. All I had on me was a couple of pound notes..." James trailed off, side-eyeing the cop who was watching him. There was silence on the other end, but eventually his father spoke.

"What have you been arrested for?"

James rubbed his face. "Sexual activity in a lavatory," he said reluctantly. "Did you know that was illegal? I didn't!" He was aware his voice was reaching hysterical levels. "It was a goddamn drug bust, and I just - I just -"

"James." His dad's voice was firm on the other end. "I'll come get you. Where are you being held?"

James got the address off the cop watching him, and then hung up. His dad was coming. It'd be okay.

The cop led him to a holding cell and James flopped down onto the cot in there. His dad was coming, and it was going to be okay, but he wasn't sure he was going to be able to look him in the eye when he did.

He wasn't sure he'd be able to look anybody in the eye, if this all got out.


His dad was here.

James scrambled up from the cot. "Hi, dad." He met his dad's eyes, afraid of what he'd see there.

"Hi, James." His dad sighed. He looked tired, and probably was - he was wearing his favourite Muggle jeans and an old sweater. James recognised the outfit as what he wore under his Auror robes, which meant that he'd likely just come off a long shift, or had been pulled out of one. "Do you want to explain to me what happened?"

A cop let him into James' cell, and James scooted over to make space for him on the cot.

"I was at this gay club I usually go to, and well..." James shrugged. "I'm single, I wanted to get off. Do the math. Didn't know it was illegal."

His dad regarded him. "Don't people usually take other people home for that sort of thing?"

James shrugged. "Teddy was home. And anyway it was just going to be a quick thing, we hadn't been in there three minutes when the cops..." He let out a frustrated groan. He hadn't gotten off, and despite the fact he was the least turned on he could possibly be, right now, he still had frustration coiling in his belly. "So. That happened."

They sat in silence for a bit.

"A drug bust, you say?"

"I don't do drugs," James said. "You know that." He looked up. "Do you wanna, like, charm me out of here?"

"I can't do that. I'm head Auror, James."

"That's exactly why you can, dad, nobody's gonna say anything about it to you of all people."

His dad shook his head. "No. You got yourself arrested out here, now you've got to play by the rules."

"But they'll put me in jail! They said that, that I'd either go to jail or pay a fine or both, and I don't want to go to jail because of a bit of cocksucking, that's just not fair -"

"Perhaps next time, it'd be a good idea to acquaint yourself with the law, James." His dad stood up. "I spoke to the front desk. They'll let me sign you out of here, but you've got a court date tomorrow."

"You're not telling mum, are you?"

"You can tell her yourself."

James felt his heart sink into his stomach. He followed his dad out to the front desk, where he was given back his things - the cash he'd had on him and his wand, which the cops were much bemused by. His dad handed him his Muggle ID, which he'd been stupid enough to not take with him, and they signed his release.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

This whole thing was stupid.


James managed to keep the whole thing secret until he got back from court. He'd gotten off easy, and only had a fine to pay, but it was a five thousand pounds fine.

"It's all of my savings!" James moaned. "That took me forever to save up! And it's all gone!"

"Well," Teddy said, pragmatically, "you could've, you know. Not have had sex in a public toilet."

"Shut up," James muttered. "Oh lord. I can't tell Nick about this - he'll never let me live it down." He froze, turning to stare at Teddy. "You can't tell anyone about this! It's bad enough that my mum knows. She tore me a new one."

"What did she say?"

James rubbed his eyes. "She was kind of okay up until the point where she said 'I didn't raise you like this' and I said 'but you did literally raise me and here I am'. In hindsight, not the best course of action." He looked up. "She tried to ground me."

"You made your bed and now you've gotta lie in it," Teddy said, far more gleeful than he was allowed to be (that is to say, not at all).

James glared at him, but Teddy was grinning at him and his cheeks had dimples today, and those stupid dimples were making his heart sing. "Go be happy somewhere else," he said, somewhat reluctantly.

"Can I tell Al?"

"You can't tell anybody!" James flung a sofa cushion at him. "Let me suffer in silence. And solitude!"

"Whatever." Teddy got up. "I was going to tell you about the potential contract I'm signing with Weera's Witches' Wardrobe, but I could just go away -"

"Ok no, sit the fuck down and tell me what," James commanded.

Teddy gave him a brilliant smile, and James wanted the sofa to swallow him up.


James came home late from work, to find Teddy and Victoire curled up under a blanket on the sofa, eating ice cream directly out of the tub and watching an old romcom on the telly. They both had streaked mascara down their cheeks.

"Do I want to know?" James asked.

"Alex broke up with me," Victorie said.

"Nobody loves me," Teddy said.

I love you, James thought. I do. I do, I do, I do.

He stared at them. He'd been planning on falling face first into bed to forget everything about his pathetic life and the stupid work emergency that he'd been forced to clean up, because the people responsible for the mess we're in St. Mungo's, but these two gorgeous idiots were sitting on his sofa and crying and eating ice cream.

James could relate to that.

"Scoot over," he said to Teddy, "and give me some of that."

Teddy moved closer to Victorie to make space for James, and summoned a spoon from the kitchen. "What are your sorrows?"

"Well," James said, pulling the blanket over himself and leaning into Teddy, because he could and because the sofa wasn't technically built to seat three people. "Three of my coworkers are in St. Mungo's because they messed up, and I just spent four hours cleaning up five hundred gallons of a fucked up potion and sorting out what went wrong." He paused. "Also, I am in love and it sucks."

Teddy stared at him. So did Victoire.

"What are we watching?" James asked, pointedly. He scooped up a large spoonful of ice cream and shoved it in his mouth, so that he wouldn't have to talk.

"Er, it's, uhm. Something Jane Austen related, I think," Teddy answered. "There's a Mr. Darcy in it."

"I have no idea who that is," James said, and continued eating ice cream. Victoire was still looking at him, but Teddy was fiddling with his spoon.

"Who are you in love with?" She asked.

"I don't want to say," James answered. "Why did Alex break up with you?"

Victoire sighed. "Alex decided she wasn't into girls after all."


"Why don't you want to say who it is?" Teddy asked, nudging him. "Is it someone embarrassing?"

"No." James sighed, and put down his spoon. "It's because...I'm so...stupidly, madly in love, like, I'm all made out of love, like I could potentially explode with it, and the person I'm in love with doesn't know I'm here. Like, he's looking for love in all the wrong places, and it's so frustrating because, you know, the grass isn't greener on the other side! It's green right here!" James pointed at himself. "But he doesn't see it, so I'm just. Like. Burning up, all invisible-like."

They were staring at him again.

"Is it Nick?" Teddy then asked.

The question was so stupid, so utterly and incomprehensible ridiculous, that all he could do was laugh. "Dude, no. I don't think Nick would know what love is if it bit him in the arse. The day I fall in love with Nick is the day Merlin rises from the dead."

"Huh," Victoire said. "That's interesting."

"Not at all." James picked up his spoon again. Teddy seemed to not want more ice cream, so James appropriated the entire tub. "So tell me what's happening in this film. Who's that dude?"


The weather had changed for the worse and Teddy's number of dates was steadily declining.

James got promoted, so he pretended his new-found happiness was all due to his promotion, and not the fact Teddy was no longer trying to date every single person in England except for him.

Small victories, James told himself.


"So," Teddy said, one morning, when James was again getting late for work. His piercing had healed, and he was playing with it, the metal stud clacking against his teeth. "I was thinking about something."

"Uh-huh," James grunted, toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. His hair wasn't cooperating - his hairdresser had cut it too short, the previous week, and nothing was right anymore.

"So, I was thinking."

"You already said that," James said, having removed the toothbrush. He spit into the sink.

"No, I mean. I mean, you're green."

James threw a look in the mirror. "I'm not green?"

"Not literally," Teddy said. "I meant metaphorically."

"I'm green metaphorically?" James washed out his mouth. "Not for nothing, but I'm in a hurry." He cast a critical look at himself. If nothing else, he could always just slick his hair back. Not perfect, but it would do.

"I'm saying," Teddy said, looking increasingly frustrated and amused, "that I'd like to, you know, stop dating people, so that I could date you instead."

James froze, staring at Teddy in the mirror. "You're joking."

"I'm not joking. I told you, I've been thinking." Teddy smiled at him. The dimples were back.

"Me," James said.

"You," Teddy confirmed. "Because, as it turns out, you are right here. And I'm falling in love with you. So there's that."

"There's...that." James said, slowly. He couldn't take his eyes off Teddy, who was looking radiant and nervous, and James' stomach was doing backflips. "Yes," he said. "Yes. very much yes."

"Yes to going out with me?" Teddy asked, eyebrow raised.

"Yes, dammit. That's what I just said." James shook his head. His wristwatch beeped at him, and he groaned. "Look, I really have to go to work now. You and me aren't done -"

"I'll be here when you get home," Teddy said, moving in close. "Kiss?"

Teddy's lips were right there, pink and curved, and most importantly, there for for James to kiss. He closed the gap between them and kissed Teddy, softly, slowly, wanting to press their bodies together and trying to quell the heat rising in his belly.

He had the fruity taste of Teddy's lipgloss on his lips when he pulled back. "I really have to go, dammit."

"You're already late," Teddy said, and kissed him again. "Okay, now you can go."

James forgot his jacket when he apparated out.

katmarajade: Karl A-Squeekatmarajade on November 2nd, 2015 04:26 pm (UTC)
Oh my word, this is too adorable for words! *flails* I love James with his never-quite-right hair. I love Teddy & Victoire, the two most beautiful people he knows, having tea and pink homemade macaroons in his kitchen. I love the way you portray his relationship with his parents, particularly Harry. I love the comfortable, normalized bisexuality. I LOVE the entire scene on the sofa with them all eating ice cream-- just YES. Every singe thing about that scene! I'm such a complete sucker for pining and long-held crushes and being completely in love with a good friend, so this just hit all of that so perfectly. The ending was wonderful-- I love Teddy's awkward declaration, and James' shock and all his lovely yes-es. A wonderful way to kick of this fest, for sure! \o/
rzzmg: Draco Malfoy King of Slytherinrzzmg on November 3rd, 2015 09:37 pm (UTC)
^--- *points to the above review and nods in agreement with all of it*


I want a sequel. Any time you want to write it, I'm there. Seriously.

<3 <3 <3
(no subject) - nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:07 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:06 pm (UTC) (Expand)
wicked smut goddess: HP: Teddy Lupingracerene on November 2nd, 2015 05:00 pm (UTC)
Really enjoyable fic! I loved your James in this. His voice was delightful, and his pining over Teddy was fantastic. I loved him trying out new looks, and OMG I just about died when he got arrested for getting off with a bloke in a loo!

Teddy with his slight obliviousness was also great, and I really enjoyed when James sort of went off about the bloke he was in love with in front of Teddy and Victoire! Great read and such a sweet ending!

Oh and the art! Both of them look so wonderful, and their hair is on point!
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D haha, that was the first scene I wrote for this fic! I've been wanting to write James getting arrested many the muggle police for ages, and I saw my opportunity here so I ran with it. :)

Thank you. :)
cabinetcaligari: pic#125321556cabinetcaligari on November 2nd, 2015 05:17 pm (UTC)
This story is so delightful! I love the dry witty way you write, and your James voice is delightful, the poor boy! He sounds so perfectly like a grumpy teenager in love.

I also loved Nick to pieces, the combination of confidently sleeping around ànd giving sound advice is really the best thing.

And oohhh, I was so hoping for teddy to go out of his way with the piercing and the gender switching (yaaas) to find out what James likes and to seduce him! And teddy is so adorable and so cute with victoire and the setting you create like a student's house is so lovely and cozy and fits them perfectly. Yes. Loved this very much, the voices, the characterization, lovely work, MA!
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad you liked it. :) grumpy teenager in love sounds just about right for James XD (even if he's actually in his twenties here, but who cares about this kind of detail ;))

Nick is my favourite OC, and this isn't the first time I've written him. :) if you want more of James' and Nick's friendship, this is where it started.
(Deleted comment)
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm really happy you like it. :) the scene with James getting arrested and talking to his dad is my favourite in the entire fic XD

leontinabowieleontinabowie on November 2nd, 2015 06:06 pm (UTC)
Aww, I really enjoyed this.

It's such a lovely story. I adored James's character, and his thing about his hair. Nick was a great addition - all your characters were wonderful. They felt like real people.

I also loved that bisexuality was just a thing, like it wasn't some shocking secret or sexualised, it was just who they were.

The art's great too, I love their hair :D

nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, even my OC. :) normalised bisexuality is my favourite kind of bisexuality, so I'll jump at any chance to include it!
my_thestralmy_thestral on November 2nd, 2015 06:21 pm (UTC)
LOL, of all the loveable characters, this James takes the crown! :) He's mental screams are sweet as they are hilarious and you just want to nudge him to spit it out! "I'm made out of love", aww, that's just the sweetest thing to say! :)
I also liked Harry, being the tired and responsible dad, who's unwilling to take the full burden of his child's folly onto his shoulders (as it should be) and that Nick is just one of those epic friends that should have their own sit-com!
Loved the story and the youthful style/language/attitude used in the dialogues! :)
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:18 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad you liked James' internal screams and their dialogue! I justified the very informal and youthful way of talking by reminding myself that they were probably teenagers in the end of the 10s (so, now), and would've retained many speech patterns into their twenties. :)
candamiracandamira on November 2nd, 2015 06:57 pm (UTC)

Because. And stuff.
There's a Mr Darcy in it.
I'm green metaphorically?

My favourite lines. ;-)

This is a gorgeous fic. James is so cute in his secret and sarcastic way of dealing with his unrequited love. I really love that despite his pining he cares so much for his hair (which is unruly like Harry's). All your hormone-driven teenager characters are brilliant, each of them on their own quest to find love, while not saying no when a chance to get laid appears along the way.

Thank you for a very delightful read!

nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it - and you picked out some of my favourite lines as well. :D thanks for commenting ^^
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on November 2nd, 2015 09:33 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!! This was utterly delightful! Like, fucking awesome like. Like perfect like.


You have the most adorable characters in the world. I love this James worried with his hair and his lousy life and being arrested and

the grass isn't greener on the other side! It's green right here!"

He's so wonderful I could die.

And I love Teddy and his mascara and his lingerie and his piercing and Harry being so very Harry.

No. Just the whole thing was a joy to read. Wonderful! :D:D:D

Wait, no! There's Nick that I love and his bloody ~awful~ advice. And who is that dude?

I'm telling you. This was perfect. Thank you so much! <333

And then there's art!!!! And yeah, it's so cool! Butter, seriously? LOL Thank you, again. <3
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your wonderful comment! And for the rec. :)

Haha yes, butter! Really! I read sometime that back in the 40s when there was a war on, brylcreem wasn't always available so men used butter instead, if butter was available. Don't hang me up on the authenticity of that, though!
Guinishiftylinguini on November 3rd, 2015 03:23 am (UTC)
Oh, this is a treasure! I adore this through and through - all the characters were divine, and yikes that art! I think that is my favourite incarnation of teddy's hair yet! And actually now I think about it, possibly also James - may he forever be emulating the hair of those classic heart throbs! And Teddy having mermaid hair! And gorgeous idiots on the couch needing ice cream to heal their sore hearts - utter heaven! This is just such a fab piece of well written heart-felt feelgoodery, and now *I* want to curl up on a couch with ice cream and idiots and re read it over and over.

I really loved the pacing and, as mentioned, the characterization - Victoire was especially brilliant, and looking-for-love Teddy fits with all my head cannon of him. The ending was just bang on - "you are green". What a line! Teddy, you are a gorgeous idiot, and MA, you've made me fall in love with everyone in this (including Nick, the adventures of whom I would really love to read!).

MA, you are golden - come out of anonymity and let me throw garlands at your feet!
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and for the rec! :D I'm really glad you liked it - I struggled to explain this fic to my betas, but I think "heart-felt feelgoodery" sums it right up - thank you. :)

If you care for it, I did write about James' and Nick's friendship once before, here. :) there's a sad lack of canonical nextgen characters, so I made James a best friend, and I refer to him in every fic if it's applicable. :)
(no subject) - shiftylinguini on December 2nd, 2015 02:22 am (UTC) (Expand)
Depithalamium on November 3rd, 2015 12:47 pm (UTC)
Oh man, today's a not very good day. I fucked up an entry for a Christmas fest and am 98% sure I'm not getting picked up to contribute to this fan-zine that I really really want to do. But then I read this fic and all that shit didn't seem too important. Christ, I was laughing so hard--in the office--and people probably think I'm mad.

But omg, James is just so funny. And also Nick. I'll always love Nick. Nick is perfect.

But also that scene with Harry is so awkward omg. Poor James. And also poor Harry. He didn't need to know that stuff about his kid. Heehee.

I want to squish Teddy and James like plushies. 'You're green.' Haha. And the art looks amazing too! Their hair is amazing. I'm especially taken with Teddy's hair. Because James puts butter on his. Bad James.
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:27 pm (UTC)
Hello, friend! I'm glad I made your day better with this fic. :D I think I like James best when he's hilarious :D I may never write him in another way again. :p

Thanks for reccing it, by the way. :)
쉘리 Unmistakably Oatmealsdkshelly on November 3rd, 2015 07:37 pm (UTC)
Oh gosh, that was so much fun! All of the wit and banter flying, so many wonderful details. James so over the moon and so terrible at it--if that makes sense. He's just such a screw-up, a loveable screw-up for sure, and the pining, oh my heart at the pining. But the ache never got to be too much for me because the story was so damn funny. All of the characters were just delightful! Highly enjoyed this. :D
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad you liked it, and that it struck the perfect balance between pining and humour. :) that was the hardest part of this, and I'm glad it worked!
anemonenanemonen on November 3rd, 2015 08:26 pm (UTC)
OOoh, this was so sweet! I loved James, him stressing out and being so in love and being a litle bit vain with his hair that he never managed quite right. And Teddy being all tempting him. I loved his and Victoire's friendship too. And especially the scene with the three of them and the ice cream!! Also that you gave us a glimpse of Harry and his relationship with James. The ending was super lovely too! Such great work ♥
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :) teehee, James is his father's son, is he not. ;) teddy's and victoire'so friendship is so important to me, so I'm happy to see that it's well received!
fantasyfiend09fantasyfiend09 on November 8th, 2015 11:58 pm (UTC)
Poor James, watching Teddy dating everyone but him and acting cuddly with his ex. I loved his pov, how he was a quirky blend of sappy and casual. His friendship with Nick was hilarious.

I felt so bad for him when he was arrested. His argument with Ginny: ha ha ha. He doesn't know when to shut up!

Great final scene with Teddy's random comment about James being green and the hurried kisses.

The hair! I love both boys fussing over their hair and the way you drew both of them.

Edited at 2015-11-08 11:58 pm (UTC)
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D I have a weakness for hair, I have to admit, and poor James inherited his dad's mess. :) the arrest scene (and the fallout) was my favourite to write, so I'm glad it came across as funny as I intended :D
alisannealisanne on November 9th, 2015 12:20 am (UTC)
Just adorable, art and fic both!
The longing and pining was just enough, then the sweet, sweet realization at the end...*happy sigh* Beautiful!
Great job.
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)
sassy_cissasassy_cissa on November 9th, 2015 01:24 am (UTC)
This was so adorable. I loved when James was arrested...that was too funny for words.

Great job!
nerak_rose on December 1st, 2015 07:34 pm (UTC)
The arrest scene is my favourite - I'm glad other people think it's as funny as I think it is! Thank you for commenting :)