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2015 Fest: Weekly Roundup #1

I hope that you all have enjoyed the first week of posting here at hp_nextgen_fest!

To help everybody catch up, we've got a roundup of the first week below. Posting will start again tomorrow. We've still got another two weeks of awesome submissions to share with you all!


Idyll [Padma/Rose | G]
Nobody suspects the idyll between respected the bookshop manager and her young intern.


It's not me, it's you [James Sirius/Teddy | R]
James is stupidly, madly in love. Teddy is looking for love in the wrong places.


Teammates [Victoire & Dominique Gen | PG-13]
Dominique's big sister catches her on the walk of shame.

Some Kind of Magic [James Sirius/Lily Luna | NC-17]
James shows Lily how good she can feel.

Wrong. [Albus Severus/Scorpius | NC-17]
Albus has known it from the first day they met: he can't live without Scorpius Malfoy.

Friday Nights at the Leaky Cauldron [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
When James shows up at the Leaky Cauldron looking for a job, Teddy tries to show him it’s bloody hard work running a pub. But he doesn’t expect James to be a natural at it, and he doesn’t realize James will attract all kinds of attention. And this presents a problem for Teddy; a huge problem.

Time After Time [Victoire/Teddy | PG-13]
Victoire returns home after ten years in Paris for her sister's wedding and runs into her ex-boyfriend Teddy. Spending time with him rekindles feelings she didn't even know she could have, and suddenly she starts to question where she belongs—and with whom.

The Distance Home to You [Albus Severus/Scorpius | PG-13]
Albus has invited Scorpius to join him on a Potter-Weasley trip to the countryside. Scorpius accepts, because surely he's able to go away with Albus without revealing his crush? He'll just have to keep his distance. It turns out to be anything but easy.

Hot Chocolate [Draco/Hugo | NC-17]
Because, dear reader, the best way of disciplining an unruly pupil is fucking him pedagogically decent into the floorboards...

Masquerade [Albus Severus/James Sirius | NC-17]
It was one of those places, dark rooms filled with people looking for an anonymous fuck. But sometimes things don't stay anonymous.

What I'm Waiting to Find [James Sirius/Teddy | NC-17]
James has devoted the past two years to being the best damn Chaser that Puddlemere United has ever seen...and to getting over his teenage crush on Teddy. But when Teddy comes back to England after a long stint abroad, James's resolve to move on is put to the test.
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