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01 August 2016 @ 08:00 am
Prompting Post for HP Next Gen Fest!  
Prompting Post


Art by anemonen, Banner by capitu

• You can leave up to 15 prompts.
• As long as your prompt features at least one next gen character, it is most certainly welcome! Any genre, any pairing/threesome/moresome etc. [This includes cross gen pairings!]
• You don't have to claim a prompt to submit one.
• Please only leave one prompt per comment.
• Prompting closes on August 12th.
• Timeline and Information about this fest can be found here.
• Please remember that your prompts are guidelines and ideas only. If an author or artist chooses your prompt, they might not proceed in the direction that you thought the story or art would go in.

For those of you wanting to explore various themes/plot points/characterizations from the Cursed Child play, we ARE accepting prompts revolving around Cursed Child. HOWEVER, as the actual script was only released yesterday, and many people may not have had a chance to read it yet, I am requesting that any prompts containing Cursed Child spoilers contain the subject line "CURSED CHILD SPOILERS" so that anybody wishing to avoid being spoiled can skip over these prompts. Please feel free to email the mod account if you have any further questions.


Happy Prompting!
Amorette: pic#125356253amorette on August 9th, 2016 08:55 pm (UTC)
Username: amorette
Pairing: James/Scorpius
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Inspired by Taylor Swift’s You Belong with Me. James is the school Quidditch star. Hes got an amazing body, a killer smile, and he’s NICE on top of that. And funny and amazing and he’s basically Scorpius’ everything. But will he ever see Scorpius as anything more than just his little brother Al’s little friend? James dates all these girls, a different one each week, so he’s obviously straight. Scorpius feels like he’ll never get James’ attention in that way.
Likes: Maybe this takes place over the summertime and Scorpius agrees to spend some weeks w the Potters so that he can be around James. Or during school time would be good too. Maybe James dates so many girls bc he cant be with one too long (he doesnt really like girls, but being gay is his big secret).
Dislikes: Harry/Ginny, heavy angst, unhappy ending, homophobic Al, anything referencing Cursed Child